Ever struggle with patiently parenting your kiddos through any of these challenges?

  • Being too bossy
  • Difficulty compromising
  • Getting worried
  • Being inflexible
  • Being too silly

As parents and educators, we were hungry for high-quality and kid-friendly resources to help our own children (and our students) develop social skills around common social challenges. Despite searching far and wide, we could find the right tools…and so, we made them.

After two years of development with educators and specialists, we are excited to now be using the best resources ever to proactively address common social challenges with our own children and our students!

Get ready to meet The A-Team – a friendship group whose members help each other with social skills & common social challenges in class, at school and also with friends!

Each book in the series unfolds from the perspective of one of the A-Team members as they struggle on just one specific social skill challenge. As you read a book, you get to join the characters to participate in their A-Team meetings, led by their teacher Ms. Corina. This is where they learn specific strategies and get Top Secret Missions that help them get better at dealing their social challenges.

In this way, parents and educators will find these books to be an invaluable resource for teaching social skills to ALL kids.

The books are all beautifully illustrated and instantly relatable to kids! Parents who were dealing with common social challenges before will now be able to support their kids with specific strategies outlined in digestible bites each book. What a relief!

How To Deal With Common Social Challenges

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