Giving your child the best start in life is what all parents look for in their choice of nursery. Nursery life is a magical time for your child where they learn and flourish into happy, confident people, and this is helped along by choosing the correct place.

There are many different aspects of a potential nursery that can be ascertained when choosing the right environment for your child. We list the top five things to look for when picking the perfect place for your little ones.

A Welcoming Environment

We are all strongly influenced by our environment from a young age, from the people we interact with to the music that we hear on the radio. Ensure that your child is surrounded by comfort, a fun and friendly atmosphere, plus an environment where their learning will be stimulated so you can be assured of your child’s education as well as their fun.

Friendly, Skilled Staff

Guidance and supervision are essential to ensure that you can safely leave your child in the hands of another, and this requires properly trained staff with the ability to teach children what they need to know. Be sure to properly meet the members of staff who will be looking after your child, and ensure that they are friendly as this will give a good indication of how they will be with your child.

Safe Nursery First

In order for your child to properly explore and learn from the fascinating environment around them, the environment must be safe. Ensure that the nursery’s learning and playing spaces are all comfortable and protected against any sharp edges or potentially harmful objects. Make sure there are no exposed plug sockets or electrical devices available, and the building itself is certified.

Children Need Healthy Food

As you know, nutrition is essential to your child’s growth and development, particularly in their early years. Take a good look at what your child will be eating during their time at nursery and make sure the menu consists of a varied, balanced and healthy diet that combines carbohydrates, protein, fruit, fibre and those all important vitamins.

Fresh Air

The outside world is a fascinating place for a young child, getting some fresh air is essential for your child to be happy as well as healthy. Ensure that the timetable of your potential choice of nursery is balanced between inside and outside play-time, and make sure that they will have the chance to run and play outside at some point during each day.

By checking that all these steps have been put in place at your choice of nursery, you can rest assured that your child will be safe and happy from the first day they arrive.

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