Having an excellently designed PowerPoint template is highly essential if you require your slides to impress an audience. Most people have a difficult time coming up with templates that look professional and clean. The following are effective tips to help you design a great PowerPoint template:

Choose an Attractive Color Theme

It is imperative to select the right PowerPoint template color theme. Color performs different functions. Some of these are:

  • Increases recall
  • Indicates meaning
  • Influences moods
  • Attracts attention
  • Increases retention and learning by 75%

When choosing your color theme, ensure that all colors in the theme go excellently together. Moreover, avoid overdoing it with too many colors. Stick to not more than three colors when designing your PowerPoint template. Finally, make sure that your colors fit in or match with the company’s logo.

Use Pleasant Fonts

Just like colors, fonts also communicate a mood. They also communicate a certain point in time. Therefore, rather than browsing a pre-existing font list as you look for “something cool”, you should think about the specific message you want to tell your audience.

Always stick to either one or two fonts in all your text. This ensures your presentation has consistency. Secondly, settle for a font that matches perfectly with the theme of your service or product. Lastly, your fonts ought to be legible against your slides background. A poor color contrast can make your text irrelevant in real time.

Always Hide Distracting Elements

In certain instances, you have to retain particular items on a slide. This is because of preferences or policy from your colleagues at work. Some of the items include:

  • Explanation messages
  • Sample size numbers
  • Confidentiality statements
  • Page numbers
  • Questions (mostly found in marketing research presentations)
  • Website domains
  • Other contact information

Refrain from using a default PowerPoint Template

Default PowerPoint templates should not bother you. This is because they come poorly designed and their common use makes them not unique. Additionally, stock templates aren’t versatile enough to generate a fascinating presentation.

Creating a unique template is much better. It should have a simple texture or background as well as consistent font use. A unique design ideally speaks to your audience.

Streamline your PowerPoint Template

Your PowerPoint template must always be minimal and simple. Use the following tips to ensure this happens:

  • Eliminate extraneous clutter that distracts your readers from the subject matter of every slide. Get rid of your contact information or anything extra courtesy of your marketing department.
  • Since crazy watermarks or designs in the background do not add any value, simply use a single-colored background.
  • Your texts should always be at a minimum point
  • Plenty of whitespace ensures you don’t congest your template.


The above PowerPoint tips are easily implementable and practical. With these tips, you do not have to be savvy designer to come up with an effective and great looking PowerPoint template. It is as easy as employing tips discussed above.

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