Make no mistake, there is a huge difference between standard dental care, and care that goes above and beyond the norm to ensure that each patient walks away feeling satisfied with their results. Mountainville Dental is in the business of creating healthy smiles for residents of Allentown, and the surrounding area. The way that this practice sets itself apart from others, is in the way they educate patients while providing the results that they covet. Dr. David Burt understands that each patient has individual needs, and he strives to ensure that all of their needs are met.

Mountainville Dental Provides Care and Knowledge

Professional Results

The most important aspect of Mountainville Dental is that they provide professional results. Dental implants and broken teeth look and feel like your own once they have been fixed. Fillings are performed with the utmost care to ensure that they last. Additionally, Dr. Dave is able to restore your tooth without using other teeth for anchors. This allows the process to go much more smoothly without increased irritation to the surrounding teeth.

Cosmetic Procedures

Part of the knowledge that you’ll gain by choosing Mountainville Dental, involves cosmetic procedures. Many people seek these procedures to increase their confidence, while others use it to help them to land jobs. Cosmetic procedures can double as medical procedures, as braces can straighten teeth, in addition to helping to correct an under or over bite. Tooth whitening procedures are accomplished with care, and they serve to make your smile shine bright. All patients who receive cosmetic care will leave the practice feeling highly informed about ways to maintain their new smiles. Cosmetic procedures have the power to increase your self-esteem as well, while helping you to prevent future oral issues.

Specials and News

Unlike other dentists, Dr. Dave emphasizes a feeling of community through his dental work. Part of this process involves keeping new and pre-existing patients informed about specials through their comprehensive  Mountainville Dental News page. One of the most unique aspects of this page is that it informs you of ways that you can win prizes by simply referring others to Mountainville Dental. For example, their current special during the month of Julyenables you to either win a free TV, or to receive $50.00 off restorative care if you refer the most new patients. If you do not wish to get restorative care, then you can pick another service of your choice.

The knowledge that you will gain by choosing Mountainville Dental will far outweigh the services that other dental services attempt to provide. This is the reason why patients continue to recommend Mountainville Dental to friends, family, and colleagues. It’s a rarity for a patient to walk away from their appointment feeling as though they did not get the service that they truly needed. A professional dentist does much more than simply fix the problem at hand, and they educate you to make sure that you take the steps to keep that healthy smile.