With all of the passwords we have to use on a daily basis, the last thing we need is a PDF password. Sometimes the passwords might be long and complex. You don’t want to be bothered with passwords. At the same time, you want the passwords to be unique to protect your valuable information. This extends from our mobile phones to our digital access in the workplace. There is always a level of information that requires a certain amount of security and/or protection.

The beautiful option is being able to eliminate the use of a PDF password as a whole. Although this process only eliminates the need for password access to PDF files, it is still one less concern we have to worry about. If you use Adobe PDF on a normal basis like myself, you know how having numerous passwords can become frustrating. What most people may not know is that there is a tool available that can remove the password protection on your PDF files. The passwords can be removed from here on out, as long as no changes are made to the document in the near future.

When it comes to options on removing User Password protection from PDF files, the options are very limited. Although the options are limited, Wondershare PDF Password Remover is a great option for eliminating password protection. One of the things I enjoy about Wondershare’s program is being able to remove a password in three steps.  Learn more details, http://www.wondershare.com/pdf/open-password-protected-pdf.html .  Like most products and programs, you have to go through an extended process to reach your goal. Being able to permanently remove passwords in three steps is awesome. As our personal lives become busier, it is important to utilize options that are time efficient and successful in reaching necessary goals.


As with most programs, there is normally a freeware version available. I have nothing against freeware programs. I, myself have used them quite often, but the end result isn’t always the best. Majority of the freeware programs require personal information, in order to access the program. Also, there is the issue of restricted usage of the freeware program. So, I often choose a professional software to accomplish my goals. Although there isn’t a number of options available with professional software, I believe the Wondershare is a great choice. I haven’t had any personal issues, when using the program and I highly recommend it as one of your options in the search for a PDF password remover.

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Nicholas Maze is an author and guest lecturer based in Atlanta, GA. Excelling in education with a Masters in Fine Arts/Creative Writing, Maze is starting to build his own library of literature. With a love for writing versus a specific genre, Maze has accomplished both, fiction and non-fiction.