Setting up a appointment alarm isn’t consistently easy. From the dial-in codes that participants charge use to accompany the affair to the cords and adaptors that are sometimes all-important to authorize audio and video connections, affair accidentally can be complicated. Google’s fresh Chromebox for Meetings aims to accomplish it a bit simpler. The Web behemothic appear the fresh account this week, touting it as a carriageable and easy-to-use band-aid for baby businesses.

The $999 amateur amalgamation includes an ASUS Chromebox— a miniature computer that runs on Google’s Web-based Chrome OS — as able-bodied as an HD camera, microphone, apostle and alien control. The belvedere runs through Google Hangouts, Google’s Skype-like video babble service. Hangouts has appearance that accomplish video babble easier; for example, the video beck of whoever is currently speaking comes to the forefront, so there’s no abashing about who is talking. And because Hangouts is affiliated to the blow of Google’s Web ecosystem, the alone affair you charge to accompany a affair is a Gmail abode and an invite.

To alpha a fresh business meeting, aloof about-face on your Chromebox and columnist a button on the included alien control. You can amount a video augment of all alien participants on any affectation the Chromebox is affiliated to. Participants can calmly allotment their laptop awning wirelessly, with no adaptors necessary. Thanks to affiliation with Google Docs, you can alike coact on documents, spreadsheets or presentations accidentally during a meeting. And because the Chromebox is baby abundant to fit in your palm, you can backpack it with you and host a affair anywhere.

Up to 15 bodies can accompany anniversary meeting. And proponents of old-school affair tech charge not worry: A apparatus on Vidyo can affix acceptable video conferencing platforms to Google Hangouts. And participants can still punch in on a buzz application a provided call-in code.