candy and sour red meat is very popular in u.s. and ecu nations. There also are many variations of this dish however the pineapple version is the maximum famous version. In this newsletter, I would love to tell you a way to cook sweet and bitter red meat with pineapple.

unique-grade chef of china, li Yuezhong presented me the cooking details of this dish.

In China, almost all of the southerners and northerners love this dish even though this dish belongs to Cantonese cuisine.but,it’s miles in reality no longer smooth to prepare dinner it properly. I would like to share the recommendations on a way to this dish.

The ingredients for this dish are proven as follows:

beef (with a few fat), pineapple, iciness bamboo shoots, green pepper, tomato sauce, vinegar, sugar, stinky sauce (Worcestershire sauce)

1. cut the beef into pieces with size of two cmx2cm.before reducing, you need to beat the pork with knife returned.

2. With red meat pieces prepared, you ought to pickle the beef meat with cooking wine and salt. blend them calmly for better taste. Pickling time of beef meat ought to be as a minimum 15 mins.

3. Sauce instruction: Pour a few white vinegar into one bowl (or other field), then put the sugar, tomato sauce, smelly sauce, salt (not an excessive amount of considering there was some salt within the pork meat) into the bowl in proper order. mix them well. The remarkable sweet and sour flavor comes from this sauce.

4. spread the egg cream of half of egg onto the pickled beef meat. This step will make the beef turn out to be tender. Pour the starch powder water onto them and the beef ought to cover a skinny layer of white powder(it means which you need to now not see too much pink colour of the beef) Then bread the beef with a layer of dry starch energy.

5. reduce the pineapple, wintry weather bamboo shoots and green pepper into the portions with comparable length of meat.

6. Fry the meat: pour proper quantity of oil into the pot and heat the oil with huge hearth till oil temperature reaches 70 diploma centigrade,then it’s time to fry the meat breaded with starch powder. Pay attention that you need to positioned the meat into the pot barely to prevent the oil from spilling. trade the large fireplace into medium fireplace.

7. whilst the beef floats on the pinnacle of oil, cast off them from the pot after which fry them again in the identical manner till the beef modifications into Gourmet. This time you do now not need dispose of them from the pot and just upload the wintry weather bamboo shoots, green pepper into them. cast off them from the pot.

8. Pour small quantity of oil into the pot and stir the diced garlic until the fragrance comes out of it. Then add the pineapple piece into them. Pour the sauce prepared in step 3 and blend them evenly.

9. finally, positioned the fried pork meat into the pot and stir them for ten 15 seconds,them eliminate them from pot.