How To Claim Back Large Sums Owed To You By The GovernmentDid you know that the Government could owe you hundreds or possibly even thousands of pounds? Every single year workers all around the country are overpaying on their tax through their line of work without realising it, but thankfully it is possible to claim this money back which is rightfully yours through a tax rebate. In this country around 1 in 3 people are due a tax rebate, but unfortunately if you do not make a claim then you will not get this money, and you should also do it sooner rather than later too as a refund can only be claimed for the last four tax years.

It may seem that making a claim will be a huge deal and cause more stress and time than its worth, but in reality the process can be quick and simple without you having to do much at all. You can seek assistance from an HMRC registered tax rebate agent, and the team will work out for you how much money you are owed and then go about making your claim for you.

Reasons You May Have Overpaid

Different industries will have a few similar reasons that you may be owed a tax rebate, including the ones here. However within each industry there are a number of unique reasons as to why you may be owed a tax rebate, and one example of this is the construction industry. This is a good example as it is a line of work where you may have to spend a lot of money to do your work, and you should be able to claim tax relief on a lot of this expenditure. If every day you drive your car to temporary sites, or even if you get public transport you will be able to claim money on this. Similarly, all of the expensive tools, power tools, equipment and protective clothing that you need to do your job properly and efficiently you will be able to claim some tax relief on, and this could all add up to a fairly large sum of money that you can claim back.

There are rebate services where you can find out more and begin making your construction tax rebate claim online, and once the ball starts rolling you won’t have to do much at all as the expert team will take your claim forward. It is incredible the number of people around the UK in all different types of work who simply assume that they are paying the right amount of tax, and because of this it means that they are missing out on huge sums of money which should rightfully be theirs, and this is especially true of those in the construction industry. Make sure you are not one of these people and find out as soon as possible if you are owed money by the Government.