Build Your Business Using Virtual Office SpaceIt is the customers who shape businesses, define them, and create them. And to attract these customers, businesses have to carry out a number of elaborate promotional activities. But it is worth mentioning here that for businesses to attract customers well, it is also important to have impressive buildings. A clean, attractive and well kept office says a lot to a customer who will judge the company based on a number of factors. In fact for some companies, their office spaces have been the fundamental cause for their growth and rise.

In today’s competitive environment it is important that a business minimize the cost of its operations. This has a significant impact on decisions about space, because office spaces represent the most significant cost that an organization incurs. This has increased the demand for virtual office spaces.

What are Virtual Office Spaces?

Virtual office spaces in their basic definition are offices that are created using the internet.  Tasks that are conventionally carried out in physical offices are now being shifted towards homes or wherever the employee wants to work with the use of an intranet. Virtual office space allows employees to work easily without having to pay for transportation, while for business owners it offers a significant reduction in operational overhead cost.

This article will explain what you have to do to set up your own office space virtually. Read on to learn about the various considerations that you need to bear in mind for setting up a virtual office space.

Understand your needs

First and foremost, you will have to understand why you need to set up a virtual office space and what benefits it will offer to the type of business you are engaged in. Some businesses require the presence of a tangible office space whereas others don’t. You have to understand that you will be shifting a bulk of your operations online, including screening and directing calls, accounting and bookkeeping, and a variety of other tasks. Therefore, if your business permits you to set up a virtual office, go for it.

Factors of Production

It is important that you take your time and list all the resources that will be needed to run your business. Similarly, in order to create a virtual office space, you need to know every little detail that will matter. When you are aware of all the production factors involved, including time, resources, and other factors, you will be able to make a better decision whether you can set up a virtual office or not. Consider a transport service that needs to account for its trucks and a variety of other material things that it cannot transfer to virtual reality. On the other hand, a pizza delivery service or electronic repair company can do so easily.

Check your Competition

It is important to consider what you competition is doing when it comes to a virtual office space. But that doesn’t mean you have to follow them, since your competition might not have decided to switch to a virtual office space yet despite the need for it. If they haven’t, you should if you think it will benefit you. Virtual offices can significantly reduce the cost of operations and give you an edge to advance against your competition.

Choosing a Company to Run your Virtual Office

A virtual office space needs to be operated by someone else. Unless you have the staff and expertise to do it yourself, you can conveniently rely on another company to run your office space virtually. These companies are not only equipped with all the technologies needed to Host a business virtually but also aware of the different managerial issues and technical problems that need to be taken care of.

Promotion of your Virtual Office

Since you are now relying on the internet and virtual reality to run your internet, the promotion of your company is going to be vital. Any information that you relay to your clients, suppliers and other relevant parties should be done meticulously and without any errors. It should be updated regularly so that no one has any difficulty in communicating with you. Imagine if the URL to your website is not correct or the contact number that you provide online is incorrect. Since your customers can’t physically come to your office, it will be impossible for them to get in touch with you.


Alex Kim iworks for a virtual office company that manages seminars, conference rooms and virtual office Cork businessmen usually need. In this article, he discusses how one can build a business through the use of a virtual office space