Many people could use a little extra cash at certain times, such as the holidays or a special event, like a wedding. Students always need money for tuition, books, and computer fees. Whatever your monetary need, extra money is available when you need it if you are willing to tackle one of the following unusual money-making opportunities.

Pet Cleaning

While pet walking can be lucrative, pet cleaning is perhaps less popular but still necessary for the disabled or elderly. Giving dog baths, applying flea powder, scooping the yard of dog droppings, scrubbing the dog house, cleaning the bird cage or rabbit hutch, and removing ticks from outdoor animals are just some of the ways that you can keep a pet clean when its owner cannot. Coupled with dog walking or driving a pet to the vet for owners who are homebound, you can make a nice sum from these activities.

Lawn Design

As opposed to broad landscaping services, planting bulbs in the fall for springtime flowers is helpful for those with limited mobility. Picking up sticks and twigs after a heavy storm is likewise appreciated. Painting a shed can be creative work for some, while clearing flower beds of debris helps to prepare them for new growth.

7 Strange and Unusual Ways To Make Extra Money


Rather than babysitting a child or monitoring the behavior of a senile elder, being a companion a few hours a week while the responsible adult completes housework or pays bills is often valued. Playing checkers with an elderly person who still remembers the game or tossing a ball with a preschooler will keep these loved ones occupied while the adults do other things around the house.

Auction Your Services

Together with a few able-bodied friends, host a friendly and informal auction among local families for weekend work that they need help with. This may include washing the family car, cleaning the basement, or taking unwanted items to the thrift store for them. Often used for fundraisers, service auctions are a fun way to earn extra cash.


If you can play an instrument reasonably well, sing, mime, or recite famous lines, offer your skills to local parties for a fee.  You can even hire yourself out as a part time wedding DJ!

Update Computers

Many people, especially the elderly, are not very comfortable working with computers. You can easily advertise your services among senior living communities or living centers. Updating computers is as simple as downloading programs or installing anti-virus apps. It’s simple work that can be quite profitable.


You can write blog posts for others, business letters for the disabled, and other kinds of writing services if you know basic grammar and format.  You can build a website offering your freelance writing services using a free website builder like or even display your online writing portfolio on a site like

There are an indefinite number of ways to make money in your spare time. All it takes is a little creativity and ambition!

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