Although you’ll get satisfactory results if you resurface concrete on your own, there are many reasons why you should hire a professional contractor for the job. A contractor will have all the necessary tools and techniques to get the job done. Apart from that, he’ll also be able to provide extras such as making decorative concrete patterns on the surface.


But you must do all you can to find the best contractor for the job. Why? The project will cost more than you planned if it’s not done right the first time around.

Ask For Licenses And Permits

The contractor should have no problems providing professional licenses as well as the relevant permits to operate the business. The documents should be issued by the locality you live in. It’s important to inspect the document, but you should also check with the agencies to verify the authenticity of the documents.

Consider The Reputation

Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or similar entity in addition to checking with friends and family about the contractor’s reputation. Visit the BBB’s or other website to see that other customers are saying about the business. Keep in mind that it’s normal for a business that has a large volume of customers to have a few complaints. Investigate the nature of the complaints and see how the contractor responded to the poor feedback.

Ask About Workers’ Compensation

The contractor should have worker’s compensation in place or you’ll be held liable if one of the workers is injured while working at your home. It’s important that you ask about and check the status of the compensation because without it, you’ll be privy to any lawsuits that an employee files against the contractor. So it’s simple, you should not hire the contractor if he cannot provide proof of insurance.

Check For Tax Status

It has been proven that business owners who pay their taxes on time are more reliable than those who do not. Check the status of the contractor’s taxes because the contract itself will involve tax payments. Ask the contractor about his ta status and investigate the matter at the appropriate agency.

Check The Testimonials

The contractor will have testimonials from past customers on the website. Look for the testimonials published, keeping in mind that testimonials with the appropriate contact information are always best.

Ask For References

Get at least 10 client references and follow up with all of them. You can either call or visit the address to get a firsthand look at the work provided that you don’t live too far away. Your goal should be to ensure that the references are not bogus and to get a look at the work the contractor can do.

Compare Written Quotes

Do not sign a contract until you’ve requested and compared quotes from several contractors. As you select a contractor, keep in mind that the lowest quote for concrete resurfacing is not always the best. Before meeting the contractor for the job of pool deck repair or design you must have to follow some tips.

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Jake is a Structural Engineer who offers consultancy service. He is fascinated with decorative concrete and its usage,which inspired him to write this article.