For many people, their daily shower is a brief but rewarding opportunity to relax and reinvigorate themselves. A key component of this experience is the shower head, and these products are available in a range of sizes equipped with different features.

Shower heads also vary in price, and it’s important to consider this along with the compatibility of the product when browsing for a suitable model.    Although consumers may feel a bit overwhelmed by the selection available today, choosing a new shower head is generally a straightforward process.

The main thing to consider is if the head is handheld or fixed, and how much water the shower head consumes.

Handheld Shower Heads

Handheld shower heads are extremely popular, and are found in homes across the world. The benefit of using a handheld model is it allows the user to detach the head from the wall bracket for focused rinsing. This feature also makes it easier to clean the shower enclosure or bath. Handheld shower heads are housed on rails and users can adjust the height to suit.

shower head

Fixed Shower Heads

Showers with fixed heads are screwed into the ceiling or wall, and this is the more common type of shower head found in homes today.

Fixed shower heads can give the shower a sleeker, more modern look and as they are fixed they normally offer a greater flow of water.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that installing and repairing fixed shower heads can be costly, due to the plumbing being kept within the wall. It is possible to instal fixed models yourself, but always refer to an installation guide for advice. For professional plumbing services, you can contact professional plumbers in Rozelle, Australia by visiting

Low Consumption

More and more people are looking to buy low consumption shower heads, as these products ensure excellent shower quality but at a reduced energy and water consumption rate. This obviously has a positive effect on the environment, but it will also lead to a reduction in energy fees for the homeowner.

Many manufactures are focusing on incorporating low consumption features into all their shower heads, and companies like Agua Flux offer well designed heads at very reasonable prices.

Different Styles of Shower Head

shower headBoth handheld and fixed shower heads come in a number of different styles, and the design of the model determines its functions and features. Rose head shower heads are very common on fixed models, and this wide, flat style has multiple outlet holes resulting in a gentle and even shower.

Multifunction shower heads allow the user to change the rate and pattern of the spray, and this is done by twisting the top of the shower head.

Multifunction shower heads are typically found on handheld models, but it is possible to buy fixed options.

Ceiling heads range in size, and are more appropriate for use in wet rooms but buyers should note that these heads require a larger amount of water pressure than the other options, and consume more water.

The spray options of a shower head refer to what types of water spray it can create. Raindrop spray is the standard style that sprays large but gentle drops. A jet spray setting is often found on handheld heads, and has a strong and refreshing stream flow. Mist and champagne sprays both offer very fine drops.

Choosing a Shower Head

Buyers should consider the above when starting a search for a new shower head. Determine if the head is handheld or fixed, if the model incorporates low consumption, and choose a head style and spray option that fits for your own personal preferences.

Showering is very beneficial to the mind and body, and some time should be spent searching for a suitable shower head.

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