Your living room should be an inviting place where people want to gather. That means you should choose comfortable furniture and take the time to make the space welcoming. Of course, the way that you really make it your own is to add unique touches. Here are four things you should consider as you make your space unique and inviting.

Balance the Furniture in Your Living Room


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According to Carla Aston, balance makes a room feel complete. If you have a chunky couch on one side of the room, you need to have something with an equal amount of weight on the opposite side so the room looks balanced. For instance, two side chairs and an end table can compensate for a large couch. You should use the same principle of balance when placing décor items, too. Be especially careful when placing bookcases in your living room because they can make a room feel lopsided. They are best balanced by large windows and high-back furniture. Choose fun furniture that matches your style to make your living room unique.

Repeat Colors and Patterns


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There’s nothing wrong with being matchy-matchy in your living room. As a matter of fact, the repetition actually makes people feel comfortable. When you have matching curtains and pillows, it really brings a room together. Of course, busy patterns are a bit distracting, so don’t go overboard. Monochromatic color schemes are the easiest to pull off, but you can choose a few different colors and balance them in your living room. According to Mark McCauley of HGTV, you should balance color with the rule of 60/30/10. Choose fun groups of colors to make your living room unique.

Place Pillows and Décor Items in Groups of Three


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The number three is an important concept in design because it signifies completeness. This is seen in religion and all other aspects of life. For instance, we have the three little pigs, a beginning, middle, and end, and three act plays. Margaret Everton says, “Objects that appear in threes are more appealing, memorable, and effective than other numbers of objects.” So, when placing décor items around your living room, keep this idea in mind. Place three candles together, stack books in towers of three, and place groups of three pillows together. You can choose any unique items you want if you group them together in threes.

Create a Focal Point for Your Room


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Every living room should have a focal point, whether it is a fireplace, a work of art, gromet curtains or an accent wall. Focal points tell people where to focus their attention. You can choose a bright color for your accent wall and then flank it with pictures for a welcoming feel. Your focal point is a great place to go wild and be unique.

As you design your living room and make it unique, remember these design tips and you can’t go wrong. Just keep the clutter out of your space and try to add items that match the space.