If you are looking for a dentist in Clinton, it is important that you find one that meets your needs. This is an important decision to make and you shouldn’t wait until you have a dental emergency before you pick one. Instead, you need to know all the different considerations you should make so that you can find a dentist who properly meets your needs and who will become an integral part of your overall health care team.

What to Look for in a Dentist in Clinton

  1. The location of the clinic and its office hours. You have to be able to reach the dentist so pick one that is close to your work or your home. This makes it easier to make appoints and arrive on time, without it taking up too much of your day. Make sure that their opening hours are convenient for you as well.
  2. The cost of the treatment. Find out whether the dentist is within your insurance network. They should also have various payment options available, such as personal checks and credit cards but also payment plans. Do also find out whether the dentist can refer you to specialists if that is a requirement under your insurance plan. Know, as well, that the cost of dental treatment varies depending on the practice. Hence, try to get some estimates for the cost of common procedures such as a root canal, crowns, and fillings. Some of those costs may be out of pocket, even if you have good insurance.
  3. The levels of personal comfort. You must find a dentist with whom you feel completely comfortable. You should be able to ask questions and properly explain your symptoms. A good dentist will listen to you and have understanding for your concerns. You should, for instance, feel comfortable talking about your anxiety and fear of the dentist, your desire for pain medication, and more.
  4. The dentist’s professional qualifications. They should be fully trained and their credentials must be available. Infection control procedures and policies should also be readily available and staff should be able to explain those. If you do not like the answers they give you, or how they answer your questions, go somewhere else. Make sure you look at your state’s local dentistry registry through the American Dental Association (ADA) as well. Registration with the ADA is voluntary, but it does show a commitment to quality of care.
  5. The emergency care procedures. You have to know that you will be seen in case of an emergency and particularly outside of office hours. You may, in those cases, be referred to an on call dentist from a different clinic, so you need to know who they are as well. Do also find out how to report an emergency.
  6. Whether your dentist is officially licensed through the state licensing board. Do check the dentist is not currently facing disciplinary action and if they ever have in the past and what the outcome of that was.