Clothes that fit are one of the best tools you have not only to make a great impression, but to stay comfortable through each day. With companies manufacturing garments in bulk, though, buying high-quality items that accommodate the exact proportions of your body is a tussle. These steps will increase the odds your clothes really work for you.

How To Buy Properly Fitted Clothes

Find Out What Your Measurements Are

For vanity or other psychological reasons, most people have a difficult time accurately estimating the physical space they take up or the shape they really have. Having your measurements on hand quantifies exactly what you need, forcing you to connect with and accept your body. Once you have your figures, compare them to the measurements listed on the garment labels or the retailer’s/manufacturer’s website. A “large” or “size 5” from one company isn’t necessarily a “large” or “size 5” in another, so treat every garment as an individual piece you don’t compare to anything else. Over time, you’ll get a sense of which brands work for you best, although you needn’t limit yourself to those labels. Most good clothing stores in Green Bay WI, including Harberdasher Limited, are happy to take your measurements for you, as are independent tailors. Update your measurements every few months, as it’s extremely common to lose or gain weight over time.

Pay Attention To The Material and Shrinkage

Some fabrics, such as silk, are fairly shrink resistant, meaning they keep their original size well if laundered. Other materials, such as cotton, can get smaller and lose their shape because of agitation or temperature changes. If you can, buy garments made from fabrics that are unlikely to change dimension even if you make a laundering error (it happens!). Alternately, look for materials that are labeled as preshrunk. Don’t rely on buying large and then purposely allowing your dryer to make changes for you, as it’s very difficult to control exactly how much shrinkage occurs.

Try It On

Whether it’s from being in a rush or being overly confident, failing to use a dressing room prior to purchase is one of the most common faux pas people make when shopping for their wardrobe. Even when a garment label says it should fit, there can be small discrepancies from one piece to another. Try on different pieces labeled as the same size to see if one is more comfortable or has a slightly better cut than the other for you. Additionally, don’t just look at yourself in the mirror! Go through a full range of everyday movements, including sitting, bending, twisting and reaching. A slim fit that reveals your silhouette is a good thing, as extra fabric makes you look heavier and messier, but you should not feel restricted.

Buy Large and Tailor

Yes, it’s normal to want your clothes to fit perfectly right off the rack, but the reality is that, if you want something to look like it was made for you, then to some degree, a tailor or seamstress will need to work their magic. If you find something you like where the fit is just slightly off, buy it in a larger size rather than a smaller one, as it’s much easier to remove or adjust existing fabric than it is to add more. Investing in women’s or men’s tailored fashion might seem expensive, but it’s well worth it if you end up wearing the clothes you buy more.


It’s more than possible to find clothes that fit well, provided you don’t rush through the shopping process. With good preparation and time, you’ll have only items that are appropriate for your frame in your closet.