Today, businesses live and breathe through social media. For many businesses, everything from marketing and promotion to customer service is completed through social media. Customers also play a huge role online. They take to social media to provide feedback on businesses they interact with. With all of this activity occurring online, businesses are capitalizing on social media to build their brands and connect with their customers. One extremely important factor in social media branding is visual presence. Businesses must brand their pages so they are recognizable. The best way to do this is with their logo.

How To Build Your Social Media Presence Around Your Logo

Create a Recognizable Look

Social media accounts are centered on avatars and photos. Take advantage of that by placing your logo consistently on your social media accounts. Using your logo will gain recognition and memorability for your business. People will come to recognize your brand wherever they see it. A quick, simple image is easy to digest and remember, rather than a picture of your CEO or office building.

Tell Your Story

Use your logo to tell your story online. Your logo communicates the values and the offers of your brand through its image(s), color and font. On social media, it’s possible that people who’ve never seen your logo before will be seeing it for the first time. Make sure they see your logo and will be able to read the story of your business through it. Also, make sure you use a logo that your past and current customers will recognize. They are valuable assets, as they will help share your services online.

Earn Credibility

Placing your logo on your page is crucial to your credibility. Your well-designed logo reassures your audience that you are a dependable and legitimate business, so provide it on all social networks. More importantly, using consistent brand standards including your logo online will help you build more credibility and extend your online presence. Maintain active accounts on leading social media sites with your most up-to-date brand standards to attract followers and prospects.

Gain Followers

Displaying your recognizable logo on your networks not only earns you credibility, but also earns your shares and follows. People are more likely to share a business with their friends if it looks credible. Establish your brand guidelines and integrate your professional logo on your social media accounts to gain more followers.

Distinguish Yourself

Differentiate your business from the competition by integrating your logo on your social media pages in unique ways. Take advantage of your company style guidelines—and even your company’s culture—and let your creativity flow. Anything is possible; just make sure that your message is consistent across all pages. Attract your audience through creative, professional visuals that include your unique logo design.

Your online social influence is directly affected by the way you display your business’s brand online. Make sure your social media accounts display your logo consistently and professionally to build recognition among your audience and establish your credibility. Craft your social media pages around your brand and trust in your logo to help you expand your business’s reach online.