No matter which competitive exam you appear for, the general aptitude section is common throughout. There are a lot of students who study for the GATE and the CAT at the same time. In these two exams as well, the general aptitude section is the one which is common. So no matter which of the two exams is your priority, you would surely prepare yourself properly for this section without having to find out extra time or put in additional efforts. When preparing for the CAT who studies the general aptitude of much higher and difficult level in comparison to what is asked in other exams?

For all the GATE aspirants, their study of general aptitude which was done for the CAT helps them a lot. With smart studying, attaining full marks in the GATE aptitude won’t be a big deal for you anymore. Since it is considered as one of the easiest sections, you would be easily able to get through this if you studied it for the CAT. There is a proper explanation of the topics that you need to study for the GATE aptitude. So first of all make sure you make a comparison of the topics that are covered under CAT as well as GATE separately. There is a rare possibility that the course of GATE would have anything additional that what is covered in the CAT syllabus. So when you have these list of topics, start studying and preparing accordingly.

When you prepare for CAT and specifically the general aptitude section, there are a lot of instructions, tricks and methodologies that the tutors of your coaching class would have taught you. You should make sure that you practice all this properly even when preparing for the GATE aptitude. Since the GA course for both the exams is somewhat similar, it is quite easy to crack this section.

Going through the previous year’s papers is very important when you prepare for a competitive exam like GATE. This helps you get a glimpse of the paper pattern that can be expected. Also, a lot of coaching classes also provide with the mock tests to help to feel that heat and pressure of the GATE aptitude. Make a strategy according to this and then you will be in a better position to study as well as crack the exam.

As mentioned above the level of CAT aptitude is much higher than what is asked in the GATE exam. So if you prepare thoroughly for the CAT, it will become very easy for you to solve and answer the questions asked in GATE aptitude. Keeping yourself calm, focused and sincere is very important for you when preparing for your exams. A lot of students due to unwanted stress do not manage their studies effectively and keep on studying the same things over and over. Just keep in mind that your CAT preparation has taught you a lot about the general aptitude section and with this knowledge of yours attaining full marks in GATE aptitude will surely be a child’s play for you.