Rolling gates are very tall and sturdy gates that are generally made of metal, vinyl or steel. The reason rolling gates are in high demand is because these gates are constructed and installed in such a way that it is almost impossible for criminals to enter a business. So it is extremely important for all businesses (especially those in volatile neighborhoods) to install rolling gates for their business. Here are some less obvious reasons why these gates are beneficial:

How Rolling Gates Reduce Theft

Better Than Simply Locking Your Business At Night

While there is nothing wrong with putting chains and padlocks on your business doors at closing time and you should definitely do so, but there is no guarantee that criminals still cannot break into the business. Unlocking padlocks is very easy and a professional thief can open one in seconds.

Criminals See Less of Your Store Goods

Another reason why rolling gates protect your business from theft is because the potential criminals cannot see much of what is in your store. Depending on the gate you install, the structure will mask a lot of your items from plain view. This alone reduces theft as your store items will be unseen by the public.

You Can Add Additional Features

You can also further reduce theft also installing tiny surveillance cameras and access control features where you and your employees would enter with a passcode. This strengthens the security of your business and it gives you peace of mind knowing that your building and other investments are protected and monitored during all hours of the day. Studies have shown that installing security cameras greatly reduces theft as it makes would be criminals paranoid about being caught on film.

The Gates Are Not Easily Damaged

 Fortunately, rolling gates are not easily damaged and are not very susceptible to rust or other weather-related problems. Hence, the gates will stand strong for many years. This makes rolling gates a great long-term investment for your business in addition to providing security. 

Rolling gates are great for businesses because we are living in tough economic times. This means people are desperate and willing to resort to crime to make ends meet. Another good thing about rolling gates is that you do not have to spend a fortune for the installation. Be sure to choose a licensed contractor who is skilled in installing these gates. If you live New York City, get in touch with the experts at NY Gates. They have been providing rolling gate and security gate installation services to businesses located in all the five boroughs of New York City. Call them today for a hassle free quote.