If you ever had kidney pain one time avoid it coming, the waves pass through uterus is really unbearable. This problem pain is not with heritage problem like diabetes, it can be caused to anyone so beware of the pain and prevent it coming to you.

And you know what preventing kidney stones Is not a big problem, but ignoring it is your life threat.

How to actually kidney stones form?  Certain chemical in the urine becomes concentrated and form crystals, and the crystals grow in larger size and it will block the flow of urine then the person will have terrible pain. There are some simple things you can do to prevent kidney stones problem and here we go.

Drink Plenty of Water

May some people are less confused that how drinking plenty of water will prevent the kidney stone problem, you know that drinking plenty of water will dilute the substance which leads to stones. Drink plenty of water about 3-5 liters, which passes about 2 liters of urine from your body. Also, drinking lemon or orange juice will also help you reduce the pain.


Insufficient calcium causes pain, so it is better to take a limited amount of calcium as per the age. Instead of taking capsules it is better to obtain it from foods. The best example of calcium food is Vitamin D.

How Kidney Stones Are Formed and Prevent Them

Reduce Sodium

The Sodium is nothing but salt, decrease the consumption of sodium, it increases the calcium level in your body and cause pain. If a doctor suggested that you are suffering from this related problem then avoid it. Also, it is good in preventing Blood Pressure, Heart attack and other problems.

Meat Protein

If you habit of eating meat regularly , like red meat, eggs, poultry also sea food leads to increase in uric acid and you to cause kidney stones. Also the consumption of regular proteins decreases the level of citrate in your body, and the part of citrate is to reduce kidney stones. If you are suffering from the problem then stop eating meat.

Avoid these

Beets, chocolate, spinach, rhubarb, tea, and other are rich in oxalate, also colas are rich in phosphate, and oxalate and phosphate are both which contribute in forming kidney stones. And you might hear that your doctor must have advices to eat less of these foods.

The above are the causes and also how to prevent in kidney stones. As per your doctor advise you may be advised to consume some foods which dilute the stones. Your health is your wealth it all your choice to make yourself well.