Are Email Ads Still Working for Businesses-You may be familiar with mobile banner ads when it comes to mobile advertising. But that is just one method of mobile advertising out there.  Here are some of things you need to know about how different methods of email advertising can help you with your mobile customers.

When it comes to mobile ad networks, it can be difficult to imagine which route is best.  There are so many options, including mobile banner ads.  Email, social media, blogging, and texting all have their pros and cons, but the crown of best mobile ad network likely goes to email.  Here’s why:

Email Is Specifically Targeted

The recipients of email are much more controllable and customizable than any other type of subscribed media, including mobile banner ads.  It is virtually impossible to know who will see ads placed in newspapers or hear ads on the radio.  However, with email the case is much different.   Email is the best of the mobile ad networks because it is sent only to those who have expressed a specific interest in the content, and it is easy to control who receives the content.

Email Is Requested

The main reason this is possible is that the content is specifically requested by the recipient.  They have to sign up to receive the emails, meaning they only go to those who are interested.  None of the other mobile ad networks are so specifically targeted as this.  The process of selecting ads and providing interesting, useable content is highly simplified for this reason.

Email Is Easily Customizable

Though it may not be an issue that is considered often, it is worth noting that of all the mobile ad networks, email is the most customizable.  This is because you know exactly who the content is going to.  While it may not be economical or cost effective to customize content regularly, it is certainly easier to customize between groups of recipients, such as males and females, when using email as the network of choice.

The benefits of using email in lieu of or in addition to other mobile ad networks are obvious yet at the same time too often overlooked.  Blanket texts and social media ads have their place, but there is something personal about an email that just does not occur with other forms of mobile advertising.  Emails can contain interactive links, coupons, and useful information that is not possible with text and to a large extent not so with Tweets or Facebook posts.

It can also be highly effective even if it is the only ad network used.  That is not to say the others are not useful, and the powers of each combined can definitely have a stronger impact, but if one must be chosen, a fair argument for email being the best one can definitely be made.

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