If you are a parent of a daughter then this is some serious news for you and one that needs your attention right away. The news story goes as a girl named Phoebe Cannop committed suicide over some inappropriate racist picture she shared on Instagram, another of those social networking apps that are driving the children mad nowadays.

Phoebe Cannop, a great gymnast, and an efficient student was great at school and had a great relationship with her father and actually had been working with him for raising money. What happened is that Phoebe was having a conversation with her friends on Instagram where she shared a photo of herself wearing a scarf and having a dark tone, saying that this was what he had to look like for her boyfriend’s parent to accept her.

However, this picture didn’t remain private in that conversation and was shared on Instagram. Afraid of the reaction of her Asian neighborhood, she committed suicide fearing a backlash. Now, what’s left for that father who came home to have lunch with her daughter? Her intelligence, efficiency, and hard work went to waste just due to some social networking app that just couldn’t let her keep her life personal.

Why Should You Care?

It is easy to think of this question- why should you care? Why should you care if some girl attempted suicide over her picture that went public? Who was she to you? However, you really need to care because it could be your daughter too or God forbid sometime in the future, your daughter too could have to face a situation like this. What are you doing to stop that from happening?

How Can You Keep Your Daughter from Being The Next Phoebe Cannop?

What Should I Do?

You might be thinking that you raised her better and your daughter is not like that but still, you need to look out for her. She is young and doesn’t know clearly the situations that can arise from using these social apps but you know and you need to make sure that she gets to know too. If she doesn’t, you need to make sure she is safe online. That said; the only thing that can help you achieve this is a spying app.

What Is A Spying App?

Like any other app on your mobile, spying app is an app that works the same way that other apps do but is more accurate and efficient. It helps you keep an eye on your children’s activities online and offline by keeping you informed about their location points and places they visit, the call logs and texts they are doing, the pictures they are taking, the social networking they are doing with these apps and much more. In this way, you can make sure they don’t visit the unwanted sites and take apositive attitude on social networking apps so that is ensured that you need not worry about their safety.

Where to Getting One?

Spying apps are so easy to find that you won’t believe how easily the process continues. What you got to do is search up a spying app on the internet. Like the one spy app, you will find thousands of efficient, reliable and affordable spying apps that will need you to just buy them and they will start working for you. Afterward, it just standard stuff, you have to make an account, choose which services you will like and which ones you won’t as per your needs. Net you just got to sit back and start looking into your child’s world and see what’s happening in it.

Isn’t It Wrong?

No, it isn’t. It is not wrong to look out for your children for the sake of their safety and if there is any doubt in your mind regarding the morality of using spying apps, throw it out. You are doing the right thing. Parenting is a difficult thing and to make sure you do it properly, you have to use any opportunity you get to make sure your child is good to go on the net.

Therefore, get going and buy a spying app , for yourself and your child’s safety so that you can ensure a better future to come your children’s way.

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