After a long-standing love affair with the iPhone, die-hard Apple fans are starting to turn to the Samsung Galaxy S4.

After reaching stores on April 26, the latest update to the Galaxy line has managed to outperform other smartphones on the market.

This innovative device is excellent if you want a work phone or a personal communication device.

With numerous apps and an intuitive design, the Galaxy S4 is quickly making inroads into the smartphone marketplace.

This mobile device is so exceptional that it has dedicated iPhone users considering a switch.

Performs the Way You Want to

On the iPhone, adding new apps or customizing the design can be difficult. The Samsung Galaxy S4 lets users instantly update ringtones from any other device.

You can customize the layout and designs conveniently. For iPhone lovers, the switch is relatively painless and provides a much easier user experience.


The S4 manages to push multi-tasking to the limit. You can splay a video, take a picture and log-in to a social media device quickly without any time lapse.

On the iPhone, there is always a short lag time between switching apps. The Galaxy changes tasks almost before you want it to. It instantly adjusts the screen and quickly loads any new page.

Exceptional Camera

Best of all, the Galaxy S4 boasts of an unusually good camera app. The sensor contains 13 megapixels and is connected to high-quality software.

Unlike other phones, only one app is needed to take pictures. It can edit photos and store them for easy access.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy can link to Facebook, Dropbox and other social media sites within minutes or seconds.

If you decide you do not want the photo, you can instantly go to the photo gallery and hide images. On the iPhone, you must visit the app store to remove images.

Extra Space

Users normally want an iPhone for movies and Podcasts. On that device, Podcasts absorb exceptional amounts of memory. The S4 was designed to fix this problem.

It has 12 free gigabytes and 64 gigabytes are available on micro-storage drives for a few extra dollars. Altogether, this makes it easier to find and store Podcasts or any of the movies you like.

Replaceable Battery

One extremely convenient feature of the S4 is the replaceable battery. If users plan on traveling for extended periods of time, they can buy a backup battery.

The iPhone does not have a replaceable battery which is terrible for users as the battery installed in the phone ages.

While iPhone users are stuck with a slowly dying battery, S4 owners can always purchase a new one as their phone gets old. This saves money and heightens the convenience of the phone for frequent travelers.


The main thing iPhone users should understand is the level of control. They can customize the phone’s design, switch between apps and change batteries easily.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is more than just an alternative to an iPhone.

As more people learn of the heightened design concepts on the S4, Samsung’s phone will gradually replace the iPhone as the chosen smartphone.

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