Portable power is one of the most important aspects of operating electronic devices while in the field. Most soldiers rely upon such power when necessary but often realize power sources do not last as long as needed. Some utilize impromptu connections to larger electronic equipment to transfer power, but this is not the safest or most reliable option.

The Need for Individual Power

Equipping servicemen and women with reliable sources of energy is a necessary part of modern warfare. These people rely on numerous devices to survive and execute crucial operations while in the field. The fast-paced front of the modern soldier involves highly advanced technology that require long-lasting and lightweight portable sources of power and the accessories that keep this power useful in various situations. Individual servicemen and women make up an essential part of everyday operations, and the power sources needed by these fighters assists them in gathering essential information in addition to sharing it with others.

Many military devices are designed before even being fitted for power sources. The engineers for these units create the technology before eventually searching for the appropriate power supplies. This is a poor method when power sources must fit into portable devices while also lasting for long periods of time. Because of this issue, individual soldiers often require versatile power sources that provide or transfer energy from other sources.

Much of the equipment used on the field requires heavy-duty power, but this leads to faster draining of needed energy. Some soldiers utilize their vehicle power sources or use cables to connect their devices to other power sources. Improperly connecting electrical components can be very dangerous if done without proper knowledge. It can also be very tedious in times when quick reactions are needed to function or even survive.

Useful Accessories for Transferring Power

It may sometimes be necessary to extract or re-route energy when portable supplies run out of power. To ensure smaller devices safely get the power they need in this way, it is essential to have the proper power sources and accessories in larger machines and equipment. Some equipment will need converters to transfer alternating currents to direct currents and vice versa when using power from large machines or transferring power between them. Other devices may need voltage level converters or inductors. Almost all electronic equipment can benefit from power surge protectors at some point in operation.

The Most Efficient Power Sources

Sealed power sources are necessary when reliability is of the utmost importance. It is essential to have protection from moisture and condensation in such instances as failing to do so can compromise important information transfer or operation execution. The best power supplies turn on quickly, provide temperature regulation and resist shock and vibration. These devices are available for vehicles, aircraft, shipboard equipment and other common military applications.

AC to DC Converters

Some of the most important power accessories are high-efficiency AC to DC converters. These tools range in output power from 1 to 100,000 watts, and they offer universal input, single output or multiple outputs. Military applications require converters that offer high power output while still remaining lightweight and compact. Converters of the highest quality are designed for the most intense military situations, so they will be able to resist extreme temperatures, sudden shock, dust and moisture. They also require little external heat sinking due to conduction cooling to maintain stable temperatures.

DC to DC Converters and Inductors

AC to DC converters transform alternating currents to direct currents, and DC to DC converters simply alter the voltage level of a source of direct current. These converters should offer protections against elevated temperature, voltage spikes and short circuiting. Inductors store energy from power sources before storing it to keep the current flowing steadily. This is needed in situations where currents experience varying voltages that may compromise the transfer of power or damage the equipment itself. Quality inductors are encapsulated for protection like other advanced power equipment.

DC to AC Inverters and Voltage Protectors

As their name implies, DC to AC inverters change direct current to alternating current. The best inverters can handle outputs at virtually any practical voltage, and they can be used in various systems where backup AC power is needed. Inverters should be powerful but require little maintenance. Voltage protectors prevent sudden spikes in voltage used by electronic equipment or power sources. Good voltage protectors respond quickly and allow adjustable trip voltages. The best units are lightweight for easy transportation and sealed to resist vibration, shock, dust, moisture and other harmful substances.

Modern soldiers use various types of equipment to handle operations in the field including portable global positioning devices, chemical detection sensors, laser range finders, thermal weapon detectors, radios and more. All of these devices are powerful tools that are essential to contemporary warfare and surveillance. Power sources of equal efficiency are needed to keep such devices working in every scenario. Power supplies for larger equipment and machinery is necessary when typical portable power sources are not readily available. Instead of creating faulty power connections, soldiers should be able to rely upon power supplies of the highest quality.

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