The organs ear, nose, and throat are interconnected so a problem in one of the organ can cause numerous problems in the remaining two. Here the ENT specialist can help.  best ent specialist in India can come to rescue at this point in time. It is advisable to consult an ENT specialist if there is any problem in any one of them.


There are numerous ENT disorders for which the consultation with an ENT specialist becomes mandatory. Few of them are

  • Sinusitis

This is the most common disorder related to ENT. In the nasal congestion is followed by sneezing, running nose and headache. The situation is quite unpleasant but can be treated with the medicines in case there is no any medical problem.

  • Swimmer’s ear

In this condition, the patient will feel severe pain which will increase while chewing and lymph nodes will swell. This can be treated with the help of medicines.

  • Ear infection in the inner panel

In this situation, the pressure inside the ear is increased with some amount of pain. This happens because of a fungus infection in the ear. This needs to be treated immediately.

  • Ear infection

In this person experiences pain along with a loss in balance. The signs of this problem are hearing disability and lot of fluid discharge. Medical attention is needed in this case.

  • A sore throat

In this condition, a person will experience fever and fatigue. Along with this, he may also experience difficulty in swallowing, swollen lymph and sore throat. The person needs to start medicines and antibiotics after consulting a doctor.

  • Tonsillitis

This is a medical condition in which person has a sore throat, fever, shivering and problem in swallowing. This condition needs immediate medical attention.

These are the most common problems experienced by people.


  1. The reason for swimmer’s ear may be environmental changes. This happens due to dampness in an environment. It is required to keep the ear clean and dry.
  2. A viral infection may occur in or more parts of the body. Antibiotic course needs to be done in this case.
  3. A localized infection can occur on one side of the throat due to bacteria. This generally takes place when there is some damage.
  4. A fungal growth is the most severe medical problem, which needs quick medical attention. Any delay in the procedure can increase the fungal growth.

Some home remedies

  1. A garlic oil is very useful in treating ear infection due to antimicrobial properties.
  2. Ginger tea is useful in treating the sore throat because of antimicrobial properties.
  3. Eucalyptus oil can treat nasal congestion when used in combination with steam.
  4. Gargle is one of the oldest formulas tried since ages for treatment of throat infection.

However, it is advisable to always consult your doctor before trying any of the home remedies. He is the best person to advise and guide you in the treatment of the problem. You can consult best ent specialist in India for the treatment.