When travelling to Chicago, people are always pleasantly surprised by the excellent food in the city. One of the biggest places for residents and visitors of the “Windy City” is Hot Doug’s. These hot dogs are hands down the best. Chicago hotel concierges and any resident will tell you that this is the place to go if you are looking for a cheap but delicious hot dog or sausage. Doug fancies himself as an expert on sausages and hot dogs and really takes pride in the diverse menu that offers clients gourmet and classic dogs.

Although the restaurant itself might not look like much, it has some of the most sophisticated menu items available. Doug’s “haute” dog menu gives patrons the chance to taste some very exotic options. Some of the favourites are the Calvados infused duck sausage with apple mustard and white wine and the Dijon rabbit sausage. This menu has rotating items as well and Doug only uses ingredients that taste the best. Chicago hotel guests will enjoy all of these delicious tastes when they come to visit.

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Not only does Hot Doug’s have some more sophisticated recipes but the head chef and owner, Doug also likes to use some more obscure meats to make specialty sausages to enjoy. Snake, alligator and Foie Gras are only some of the examples of the interesting flavours Doug features. The duck fat fries are also one of the most enjoyed items on the menu.

These sausages and hot dogs can also be served any way you like best. Chicago hotel guests can enjoy styles like Polish, bratwurst and Chicago, char-grilled, deep-fried or steamed. These delicious dogs have been written about by some of the best food critics in the nation from the The New York Times and The Chicago Tribune, as well as featured on some of the top TV networks.

Don’t worry if you get confused by all of these options, Doug is usually behind the counter to help you decide which dog you would like best. Chicago hotel guests will not be disappointed by this food joint. How could you be with so many options?