Whether a person is relocating within the state or to a different country, any major move is bound to have its own challenges and excitement. While there might be understandable anxiety about how to hit the road, there are ways to manage everything that goes into it. Consider these five moving tips and apply them as needed.

Hitting The Road: 5 Moving Tips and How To Apply Them

Arrange for Babysitting

Parents know the challenge of keeping small children entertained in highly stressful environments. If it is possible, reach out to family and friends who can help entertain the children for a few hours. Most children love a great play date with their friends. Give the gracious family members or friends some extra money to cover pizza and allow them to enjoy some time away from the moving situation.

Discard and Recycle

Many people dread the idea of packing. However, packing is the perfect time to do a thorough deep cleaning and re-evaluation of what needs to stay in the house and what must go. Purchase extra large garbage bags and de-clutter liberally. If there is a lot of gently used and unworn clothing, these items are perfect for donating to different charities, consignment shops or even friends who might want to sift through the closet for their own benefit.

Hire Movers

Depending on the determined moving day, coordinate with movers and schedule a time for a walk-through, estimate and thorough understanding of what needs transporting on the day of the big move. Many people attest to the fact that hiring movers will take a ton of the stress away. For instance, professionals, like those at Wheaton World Wide Moving, know that moving is stressful. While tracking down family and friends to help move is a cheaper route, it often heightens the tension and stress. There are times when it is worth it to spend the money. Cross it off the to-do list by hiring someone else to do the dirty work.

Plan Meals ahead of Time

While it is easy to call and order takeout meals, moving can sometimes take a while and dining out adds up quickly. Just in case the electrician hasn’t hooked up the new fridge, stove or another major kitchen appliance yet, there should always be a back-up plan. Refrain from withdrawing money from the savings accounts to cover food as the default plan in a case like this. Purchase a crock pot. Stock up on pre-made foods that only require water to make. Keep plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and water around. Even though it is time of major transition, the basic natural needs of a person won’t suddenly go away. Plan for the family as usual.

Budget for Unexpected Expenses

It is important to stock the savings account with a little extra money. Sometimes, unexpected expenses pop up that weren’t budgeted for. With knowledge of the possibility that anything can happen, try to keep extra money available for situations that happen out of the ordinary. For example, during a major move, more driving might occur. As a result, a vehicle needs more gas to fill the tank. Instead of budgeting the usual $200 for gas each month, add an extra $75 to the gas allowance for the month of the move.

A move doesn’t have to put anyone in the poorhouse or in need of a spa day and mental clarity. A smooth move is possible as long as there’s a little strategic planning and all hands are on deck.