Hip replacement surgery is also known as hip arthroplasty. It involves removal of some parts of the hip joints that are diseased. In its place is inserted prosthetic device for increasing mobility as well as to provide relief from extreme pain. There are many patients who contemplate to undergo this procedure if they tend to experience, stiffness, swelling or pain in the hip region. Many opt to undergo this surgical procedure if other forms of treatment are not found to offer the much necessary relief from pain. Even such surgical procedure can help enhance life quality of many, it will be quite useful for the potential candidate to first discuss the different possibilities and other medical conditions that might exist with the physician. This is because, some diseases and conditions might hinder chances of having successful procedure.

Hip Replacement Surgery: When To Consider This Type Of Treatment?

Stiffness, swelling and pain

It will be necessary to find out the list of Hip Replacement hospitals in India that are known to offer accurate, timely and affordable treatment. There are many who do seek correct guidance from the medical experts with regards to hip replacement. The reasons could be due to any kind of discomfort faced in the hip region, including swelling and pain. For others, the warning signals could be pain while walking, exercising, climbing up the stairs or when taking rest. As the pain may impair the individual’s daily routine, undergoing the surgery can be the best available option for someone trying to reestablish an active life like they had enjoyed before contracting the disease or medical condition.

Proving treatment when other forms fail to provide the desired results

Patients considering such type of procedure from the top Hip Replacement hospitals in India should understand that it is a major surgery. The least invasive hip replacement type can be life altering and involve lots of pain, discomfort and lengthy recovery period. The person should consider undergoing this surgery only after all the other alternative forms have found to have not worked or not considered to be eligible.

The health experts do conclude that patients suffering from hip joint problems and diseases should first try to find out non-surgical options that are available for them to get relief from pain. Few have found to have made diet and activity level changes, lifestyle changes, anti-inflammatory medication, weight loss and other medication to be sufficient to provide them relief. Even aid like walker or cane can help them to provide stress on that particular joint giving pain. In case, all the above mentioned non-surgical options have been tried out and still pain is being felt coupled with less mobility, then it is high time to check up with the leading physicians in the domain, who can provide respite.

Who are not eligible for hip replacement surgery?

Any person being  infected with any type of disease or infection is to first seek treatment to do away with such issues prior to considering this surgery. This will avoid the new joint to be infected in the future. Those having history of lung or heart problems, blood clots or diabetes will not be eligible candidates as it will only cause complications post surgery or hinder recovery.