Have you heard of pink Himalayan salt? Apart from the general white colored salt that we have in the dining table, this is yet another form that can use while cooking. This is a particular crystal found in the beds of Himalayan mountain ranges. It is believed that the pink salt is purest form derived from the ancient sea salt deposits.  For this reason, in the ancient period, it was used as medicine for healing diseases. Pink salt have eighty four minerals, which are required to sustain human life. Here are some of the usages and benefits of Himalayan salt that are not known by many.

Himalayan Pink Salt – Its Value In Regular Life

Usages of Pink Salt

This is one salt which can be used in amazing ways and can spice up any preparations that you think need some tangy touch. There are a large number of recipes using this ingredient that have gain immense recognition throughout the world. Sprinkling a little of pink salt can add amazing flavor and make any gourmet unique. For instance, when you grill food, this salt can be used to add a salty taste and if you want then use liquids, such as oils or juices to adjust the flavor.

Pink Himalayan salt can even be used to toss salad. If you take the fresh greens leaves or fruits directly, the taste is usually somber. But sprinkling this salt can turn your salad interesting and spicy. There are many who prefer to add it in cold soup, sweet juices, and ice cream. Some even use these cubes and slabs for presentation like certain sushi dishes.

Seasoning any form of preparation with pink salt is very common. For instance, adding this salt to beverages like Margaritas brings out a sharp taste. Many like to mix the granules of the salt along with other ingredients on the body of the fish before roasting or grilling.

Health Benefits of Pink Salt

It is quite amazing to see the numerous colored granules found in this salt. There are hues of pink, red and white those clearly indicate the rich mineral content. Here are some of the health benefits of Himalayan crystal salt.

  1. Skin problems such as acne can be treated. Himalayan pink salt comes with elements that assist in drawing out toxins from within the skin, which is the major reason for skin troubles. There are number of medicated soap bars that have these salts, which are used to wash your face in lukewarm water.
  2. In case you are having problem in throat that forces you to cough frequently, add and dissolve some Himalayan crystal salt into water and gargle for a period of time. Sore throat, bleeding gums and halitosis that causes bad breath can be considerably dealt with this salt.
  3. If you want to detoxify body, dissolve these crystals in a tub filled with lukewarm water and soak in it for at least 30 minutes; you can experience the refreshing change when the toxins leave the body. The minerals and negative ions are the reasons to create a drowsy effect, which can be totally erased using Himalayan salts.
  4. It is believed that if you have symptoms that show signs of arthritis, rheumatism, these can be avoided to a large extent, if you drink water with pink salt. The crystals have the ability to deal with issues concerning bones and can even prevent kidney and bladder stones.
  5. Sinus happens to be a growing problem among a large number of people due to stress and other reasons. One of the best ways to overcome is by taking facial foam using these salts. It can assist in curing problems like asthma, bronchitis and other throat or nasal uneasiness.

So, if you come across a bag of pink Himalayan salt next time in a departmental store, pick one for your home. It has medicinal value and at the same time it can enrich the flavors of your preparations.