The tiny creatures that have high multiplication rate are called bed bugs. They inhabit under your bed and prey on your blood during the night when you are sleeping. Places that are warm are their living areas and are active during the night. Their days are spent by infesting on your clothing, mattress, and desks, etc. You don’t come to know of its sting as they pierce the skin of the warm-blooded victim during sleeping hours. You discover with awe in the morning the remnants these creatures leave behind in the form of reactions, swelling, itchy rashes, and allergies. The bedbugs come into your living spaces by many ways to pester you. Usually, they invade your space from neighboring areas. They can live for a long time without food that is your blood. They take likeness to the smell of human blood. They don’t infest the small-sized animals like rabbits and goats. The bed bugs go unnoticed as they are easily transported from place to place. They are shy and hide from bright daylight. They get in places that are devoid of light but have a minimum temperature. Home appliances carry them from one place to another. The bed bugs do not bite through the clothes although they may be hiding in them. Dust your clothes before wearing them and check new clothes or are seated somewhere be careful enough to dust your clothes at that time also. There are a few known home remedies to get rid of these creepy creatures as given below.

These Insects Are Cruel Things

  • Hair Dryer heat

To kill the bed bugs, set your hair dryers at the highest mode for at least 20 minutes or above because the bed bugs cannot stand high temperature. Switch on the dryer and set it at some high-temperature mode. You ought to point it towards the mattress seams and the areas that are infested nearly for one hour to yield desired results. This type of one-hour heat treatment might kill bed bugs and their eggs. Don’t forget to vacuum the heated area and clean up traces of bugs. Remember to clean vacuum filter.

  • Use Vacuum Cleaner

It can eliminate the bed bugs from sleeping areas using its suction wand that sucks them into the machine. It can effectively remove them from seams of the mattress, the perimeter of carpets, box spring, crevices, under baseboards and places you suspect to be infested with them. Clean or change vacuum bag after every use. Make sure to wash all attachments in some detergent and hot water

  • Stiff Brush

For effective removal of the eggs of bugs and elimination of bed bugs rub and scrub the seams of the mattress with a stiff brush.  

  • Cold treatment method

It is seen that bugs cannot tolerate cold temperature. What you have to do is to place all infested things for four days in the freezer.

  • Sweet Flag treatment

Calamus also called as the sweet flag is known to have strong antimicrobial properties. It serves as bug repellent herb due to its aromatic properties. Purchase a packet of the sweet flag and make a solution as per the instructions written on it. Then sprinkle the solution in the bug infested room to do away with them.