Many people have been told they should not earn a degree in public policy because there are not many jobs available. However, contrary to popular belief, there are many career options available for people who have a degree in this field. Below are some examples of the careers you can choose and where to get started in your own job search.

Policy Researchers

Policy researchers study how the existing legislation affects the behavior of the public. A public researcher can also have training in sociology or political science. Public researchers can work in legislator offices, for the government, corporations, or a private research group. Policy researchers might also study a particular area of public policy, such as education or healthcare.

City Manager

City managers have numerous job responsibilities. They plan for the future of the city and prepare an annual budget. They also help make sure that the laws in the city are enforced. The demand for city managers will increase by 2.8 percent within the next 10 years as populations and cities grow.


Lobbyists are people who are the legislative voices of groups and businesses. They are required to stay up to date with the latest news in the economy, politics, and their industry. Lobbyists can work for a variety of people, including government staff members and special interest groups. They try to persuade elected officials to come up with legislation that benefits their clients. This can be a great stepping stone career to go further in government.

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialists help maintain and create a favorable image of an organization. They help their clients effectively communicate in public, write press releases, and respond to requests made by the media. Public relations specialists can work for educational services, healthcare services, government agencies, and religious organizations. They may also work for law firms as a green card immigration lawyer. Most public relations specialists work long days, which may include weekends and evenings.

Foreign Services Officers

Foreign services officers are also known as diplomats. They represent the interests of Americans abroad. One of the many great things about being a foreign services officer is that it gives people the opportunity to travel the world and intimately know a culture to build bridges.

Educational Research Scientist

An educational research scientist is the ideal job choice for people who want to have a career in education yet still study public policy. Educational research scientists work for the United States Department of Education. They analyze and research the national educational policy. Keep in mind that a master’s degree is required for this job.

A public policy degree can open many career doors. Educational research scientist, foreign services officer, lobbyist, policy research, and public relations specialist are just a few of the many career options you have available to you.