As everyone is recovering from the great recession, many people are looking for ways to increase their income. Whether you are someone who is looking to start your first career, or someone looking to change their career, these seven education degrees can help increase your income and keep you secure in case another economy fall hits.

1. Organizational Development

Getting an organizational development degree online is geared for people who love to work in human resources looking to develop a work place. More than $30 billion is spent on organizational development each year, so this is a great career to look into.

2. Biomedical Engineer

Any engineering job is a good job, but biomedical engineer is a job that is expected to increase in job openings by almost 65 percent in the next five years. Also, this field has a faster salary growth than most other engineering fields.

3. Financial Analyst

A financial analyst studies financial data and creates a plan based off that data for a company. A degree in finance or accounting is the best way to get started in this field, and once you do, salaries can go as high as six figures.

4. Teacher

A teacher has one big thing going for them over other fields, more days off. A teacher gets about 60 more days off a year on average. Many talk about how the salary is not as high as other fields. However, as with most jobs, the salary can rise over time to be in the $70,000 range. Couple that with great benefits, and a teaching job may be the job for you.

5. Meteorologist

One of the highest starting salaries out of college is in weather. Meteorologists study the weather as well as climate of an area. A meteorology degree is not needed but recommended, and if one is obtained from the 200 or so colleges that offer it, the chances of getting a job skyrockets.

6. Advertising

An advertising degree starts out at over $40,000 a year annually and can open many doors for more opportunities in management levels.

7. Spanish

As more and more Spanish speakers live in America, the demand for Spanish interrupters are rising. A degree with Spanish can offer more jobs than most degrees can say.

Overall, a degree in one of the STEM fields: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, can increase your income, however any degree overall will boost your income then not obtaining a degree according to many studies.