You can now get a high-tech solution for any problem now. If you want to calculate calories in your breakfast or know how many calories you have burned jogging, all you need to do is to install an app on your smart phone. There is an app for almost everything. If you are having troubles sleeping, high-tech solutions can help you.

For example, sleep monitors will tell you everything about your sleep indicators: waves, breathing and motion. This sleep analytics will give you a clear understanding of your sleep patterns. This information will help you in eliminating potential problems. You will notice how various aspects of your day affect your sleep. I am talking about caffeine and alcohol intake, cigarettes, heavy meals, etc. This way you’ll notice the correlation between your environment and your sleep. Let’s have a look at the best and the weirdest sleeping gadgets and apps:

Singularity Experience

This app allows you to track your dreams. Install it on your iPhone, attach it to your wrist and go to sleep. The app will use vibration and light to wake you up when you’re dreaming so that you can record your dreams. I guess it might be useful for people who have the most bizarre colorful dreams and it seems pretty useless for workaholics and people who need to wake up early. Besides it is quiet difficult to fall asleep with a gadget on your wrist.

Dream Dictionary

Long time ago there were professional dream interpreters. Now you have smart phones. No need to visit a fortune-teller to know what your dreams were about. You can install a simple Dream Dictionary app and use it every time you had a dream. You can go through a list of topics or search for a specific subject to interpret your dream.

Lark Sleep Monitor

This great device can be perfect for couples with different schedules. Imagine a nurse, who goes to work every morning, married to a DJ, who works every night. If you need to wake up early and you don’t want to disturb your spouse simply use this device. Put a silent alarm clock on your wrist and go to sleep. It will vibrate to wake you up without waking up your partner.

Smart mattress

You can get not only a smart phone to track your sleep, but also a smart mattress to improve the quality of your sleep. Innersprings and memory foam mattress can also be high-tech. These smart sleeping surfaces will monitor your sleep. Mattresses will have an ability to identify if person is in pain and readjust the pressure around the painful area. The mattress can also provide you with daily reports about the quality of your sleep and the hours you actually slept. Soon enough you will have a chance to buy a high-tech Australian mattress in your nearest store. There is no doubt that a high-tech mattress will cost you more money than a traditional mattress, but this technology is worth it and will serve you for many years.