HCG Injections For Weight LossHCG injections are a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin which is created inside a pregnant woman’s body when she becomes pregnant. Scientists have also created a very similar injection that mimics this human chorionic gonadotropin chemical. It’s similar to how pregnant women usually have breast milk automatically come just before and after their baby is born. Yet there are numerous baby formula companies that attempt to mimic the nutrition of breast milk, and do it relatively well.

In this case human chorionic gonadotropin shots are not intended for the mom or for a baby and are not taken from them either. They are specifically created for patients attempting to lose weight. There is some controversy over it. Some people are concerned about the lack of calories dieters don’t get to consume while they’re on the diet, but everyone is supposed to consult with their doctor for any diet they try anyway. The HCG diet is no different.

An HCG injection, also known as human chorionic gonadotropin is not meant to continuously be injected into dieters over time. It is meant to give dieters a kick start to help them change what is causing them to not be able to lose weight. It is injected into the side of your body via a syringe or just below the belly button.

HCG Injection Doses

Doctors who are open to prescribing the HCG injection diet typically start patients on a 23 or 43 day diet plan that involves getting shots every day after the first couple of days of reducing caloric intake to 800. There are some patients who start as low as 500 or 600 calories, but this seems to work. The low calorie part doesn’t seem much different than fasting as far as calorie restriction goes.

You can’t get real HCG injections without a doctor’s prescription. Your doctor will fill a prescription that is enough for 23 shots, which is one per day, or 43 HCG injections, also one a day but for 43 days. He or she will also help you figure out what kind of work outs to try for your body to get the healthiest and best results.

HCG Diet Not a Permanent Fix to Keep Weight Off

As with any diet, HCG shots are not meant to be a permanent fix to losing weight. You start off with a low calorie diet and injections, but retrain your mind to not need the shots in the long run. You’ll also retrain your mind to raise your calorie intake to a healthy amount and find a healthy balance of exercise. You’ll learn what got you to gain the weight in the first place, or at least that is a goal. Without tackling what made you gain the weight and finding a way to work with it, this and any other diet will not work.

HCG shot Diet is Not New, Controversy is

The HCG shot diet has been around for quite a few years, around 40+ to be exact. Albert T.W. Simeons, a doctor himself came up with it. People have been trying the diet for years, apparently. Only the criticisms over a low calorie diet didn’t come up until around 2007.

Consulting with Your Doctor about HCG Injections

Controversy or not, your doctor will give it to you straight forward on whether it is a good fit for you or not. It has helped morbidly obese people lose a significant amount of weight. But it can also be dangerous to overweight people. Any diet can potentially hurt a person, especially if they don’t consult with their doctor. There is a reason professionals always warn us to consult with our doctor. They can tell us if we have a condition that makes trying HCG injections or any other diet a good or bad idea. All based on our current health.

HCG is Not for Everyone

There are patients who have wound up gaining some or all of their weight back after getting HCG shots, but that is also typical of any diet. It’s not the diet; it is what the dieter/patient does in the long run after using the HCG injections to help in losing weight. There is always that chance. But given that this diet aid has been around for quite some time, there must be something good to it.

Consulting with Your Doctor First

For someone who is interested in getting HCG shots to lose weight, talk to your doctor about it. Remember that not only do some doctors not recommend the HCG diet; they can’t fill a prescription for it. Dieters need a prescription to try the diet. So you can ask your doctor about getting a referral. It’s up to your doctor to discuss if they feel it would be a good fit for you. Some insurance companies will help cover the cost of syringes and the HCG lab-created hormone.

If you’re considering getting a prescription for HCG injections, go for it. Talk with your doctor or someone your doctor refers you to. It doesn’t hurt to ask questions about your body regarding the diet and the diet itself. You may hear more about the diet and decide you don’t want to try it after all. Odds are you will with all the success so many people have had with it.

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