We all know that a serviced office space offers convenience and comfort to business persons and entities, especially if they have not been through the process of setting up an office from the scratch- a very daunting task. Be it as may that it carries much weight, if you share the same sentiment, we probably shouldn’t stake a chunky portion of our capital at it.

This is the part where before you start driving around, looking for a space to negotiate for, you should ask yourself what are the hidden expenses you should lay your fingers on so as to determine how much you will be spending on maintenance and utility bills for a start and over time. For clarity sake, take a look at the list below:

Cost of setting up the office

The is the cost of the initial setup of the office. It includes the costs of setting up the company and fees for internet, voicemail and phone utility bills. Find out how much bandwidth is allocated and how much you will be charged extra in the event that you cross the limit. Try to know whether or not there is post data usage cap and try to know if you will maintain the same connection throughput and latency or not.

Price tag for keeping the space green

There is a price tag for keeping a serviced office clean and green, though not all providers charge for such services. That said, get to know whether your provider charge extras for cleaning or not and if you have to pay for it, find out the price tag.

Charges for postage services

You know, if you don’t have a prepaid envelope, you get charged a fixed standard sum by companies like Carrwood Part to avail postage and mail services. On the contrary, there are cases where such services are free. From the very cradle of getting a service office space, be certain about the amount you will be paying for postage.

Cost of conference facilities

A good number of providers offer conference rooms and halls packed with with modern conferencing gadgets and equipment. While some come with a price, others are free-to-use rooms. Who doesn’t like when it’s free? That said going for a free conferencing facilities, expect to be on a an a waiting list and long que. Hence, you will prefer it the other way round- to pay for the facilities and use it when dued. There are cases where you are given some discounts for using the facilities for a number of times. Find out how much you will be paying for conferencing services and eligibility for discounts as the discount rate.

Break-out Room

Like seriously, when boredom sets in after some big load of, you or your team members might want to escape to some place for chill out, you know. This is where break-out space comes handy. There is a price tag on that. You should know how it will cost you to escape to some break-out space of a serviced office space.


Some providers charge for major renovation works, especially when branding and addressing comes into play. Quite often, the price is bumped. But, a good provider which has the intent of its clients at heart don’t hike the price. Here is a place where you can find a service officer provider that you can rely on.