A number of surveys have revealed that sports water bottles are among the most popular type of products imprinted with company logos for use at marketing events. Use promotional water bottles as a clever ploy to increase visibility for your brand. The bottles are fairly inexpensive when you purchase them in bulk, and once you imprint your logo on them they make for an attractive giveaway that you can hand out at trade shows, corporate events, or to commemorate your company anniversary.

Water bottles are available in a number of shapes and sizes. They may be made from light-weight aluminum, durable stainless steel, or convenient and portable plastic. If you’re an eco-conscious company, you can locate bottles made from recycled plastic.24oz-podium-bottles

Each type of material comes with distinct advantages, and can be used for special purposes. For instance, aluminum water bottles may be laser engraved with your logo for an even more impressive effect. It will also reduce the chances of your logo rubbing off over time. Plastic bottles offer more variety as they are available in different shapes and bright colors if you need them. Plastic are best used as promos for schools, gyms, sports teams, or for any outdoor promotions. Polycarbonate is a harder type of plastic used to make durable water bottles with cap enclosures. These may be ordered in different shapes, sizes and colors. Stainless steel bottles may be used as travel mugs to keep drinks cooler for a longer period of time. Since these are also very durable bottles, you can be assured that your advertising will be around for a long time.

For sporting events, you cannot go wrong by giving away these types of water bottles. Every athlete should have his own bottle customized with your logo. If your budget allows, you can hand out to patrons to maximize your exposure. For athletes, the bottles filled with water will be used to refresh and rehydrate in between strenuous activities. Your logos printed on the front will capture the attention of existing and potential customers.

The nature of aluminum makes bottles made from this material suitable for rugged outdoor events. The bottles will stand up well to most circumstances but the logo on the front will act as a timely reminder of your business.

For sports, concerts, picnics, corporate events, and more, sports water bottles are a great way to promote your company for less. Since they are available in a wide range of colors, shapes and materials you’re sure to find one to suit your budget and your needs.

Print your logo on the front or on the cap in order to increase your brand and build goodwill. You’ll not only provide a way for people to stay hydrated but also helps the environment by cutting down on the use of disposable plastic bottles.

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