Moringa Oil is a fantastic way to promote healthier hair. It’s simple and effective. You can add moringa oil to your daily hair care routine by wetting your hair and massaging a little bit of moringa oil into your hair and scalp. The many ways that it helps are diverse and complex. That’s because Moringa oil, also called ben oil, goes to work directly on your hair and scalp with amazing, scientifically-proven properties like the “locus effect,” while delivering key nutrients to your hair follicles. Moringa oil is the perfect all-natural conditioner that’s cheaper than toxic most name-brand conditioners.

The locus effect got its name from the amazing properties of the surface of the lotus flower leaves. They have the natural ability to protect the plant from absorbing dirt and germs. Since the leaves do not absorb these foreign irritants, they simply wash away the next time it rains or the plant is watered. A 2007 study found that Moringa Oil contained the same natural ability to prevent dirt and germs from being absorbed into our skin. This means that just a little bit of Moringa Oil goes a long way towards protecting your skin and body from the dirt and germs we regularly come across every day.

The powers of Moringa and moringa oil have been known for thousands of years. The miracle tree has gained recent popularity in part because of its inclusion in high end cosmetics. There are many studies that show demonstrable evidence that Moringa is effective for skin and hair care. A recent one concludes, “With dual activity, antipollution and conditioning/strengthening of hair, Moringa oleifera seed extract is a globally acceptable innovative solution for hair care.” There’s no need to pay way too much for high-end conditioners that generally include a bunch of unnecessary ingredients when the studies show that pure moringa oil is an effective, natural conditioner.

The conditioning power of Moringa is clear from the first time you use it. You’ll notice that Moringa does a fantastic job of removing frizz and static from the hair. With regular use, you’ll remove split ends or other common damage from your hair naturally. Moringa oil also goes to work to remove knots without any greasy residue. Moringa is well-known for its natural healing properties, and it leaves your hair with a natural shine, versus the plastic shine of many name-brand conditioners.

The unique combination of nutrients and minerals in Moringa is a big part of why it’s so good for your hair. It has a high concentration of Vitamin A, C and E, which are all essential for healthy blood circulation. When you have healthy blood circulation, you will see improvements in your scalp. Good blood circulation is also essential for healthy hair follicles. Many times, a dry, itchy scalp is partially caused by poor blood circulation and unhealthy hair follicles. Moringa also has a lot of zinc. Zinc helps the body in many ways, but the boost in immune system and improved hair strength and growth are two of the best known benefits. Moringa oil goes to work directly on the source when you massage just a little bit of the oil into your scalp and hair. You are basically giving your hair follicles a direct vitamin and mineral boost. If you have yet to try this oil, go ahead and give it a try. After a few weeks of regular use, you’ll agree that it simply works wonders on your hair.