Every single day, haulage companies handle loads of all descriptions, ranging from large to small and solid to loose loads. Every single load must be packed efficiently and properly otherwise it can cause all kinds of problems. The idea of a loose lorry load gradually disappearing out of the back of the lorry might be good material for a comedy sketch (with everything gone by the time the ‘delivery’ arrives) but it has no mileage beyond that.


Whatever vehicles you use, making sure they are expertly packed is half the battle. Here are some tips to help you get it right every single time.

Think ahead

Loose loads, by their very nature, are more challenging to pack than one solid item. There is usually only one way you can pack a solid load, whereas loose loads can present problems and alternatives that have to be thought of in advance. It is a good idea for haulage companies to think ahead so that they can figure out the best way to load a vehicle before they actually start to do so. This can save a lot of hassle and wasted time.

Pack it evenly

Weight distribution is incredibly important when the load is loose. Favouring one side of the vehicle over the other means there is an increased chance the lorry will tip over if it corners at speed. The consequences of this are clear and definitely to be avoided. You will need to find a packing method that is relatively easy and enables you to keep the weight properly distributed throughout the vehicle. Once you know how to do it you can adjust the method for different loads. Make sure you do not automatically pack a new load without double-checking your requirements first.

Ensure you prevent too much movement

There is plenty to be said for packing your load evenly but there is also plenty to mention when it comes to packing your loose items closely together too. If you were to arrange stacks of loose items neatly and put something over them to prevent them from toppling, you might think that is all there is to it. However, if you leave gaps in between the items they have a chance to start moving around on their own as the vehicle moves and turns. This is all it takes to cause problems that could lead to an accident.

Every day, haulage companies assess and pack loads of various kinds. When packing loads experience is absolutely fundamental. A load that has been packed before in a successful manner can be packed the same way again. You should never become complacent, however, when ensuring a particular load can be safely carried from A to B. Loose loads present challenges that are not always there with other loads, so make sure you get it right every time.