Hair extensions have become a common trend among women to enhance the thickness of their hair. With the development in the hairstyling industries, hair extensions have become one of the excellent ways of styling the hair. These extensions have also become the most opted way of enjoying long hair, especially for women suffering from thin and unhealthy hair follicle issues.

What are Hair Extensions?

Strands of human hair are collected from the beauty parlors and salons after every hair styling. These strands are segregated based on their color and are made into strands. Such group of hair strands is then used for helping women enhance the volume of their hair in the form of hair extension.


Apart from being the enhancer of overall hair volume, hair extensions have many benefits and they are listed below.

  • Women often prefer long hair since it offers plenty of opportunities for them to play with theirs or turn it into desired shape or look. If you are one of them, who love experimenting something new, then you can always go for hair extension.
  • Choosing the correct type of hair extension can always help you to try new hairstyle. For instance – if you are planning to go for straight hair then you can choose straight hair extensions and curled ones for curly hair types and so on. This automatically saves you from spending extra time and money in the parlors or hair styling salons.
  • Hair extensions can also be finalized based on your hair color. If you are planning to get your hair colored with blonde shade, chocolate brown, burgundy, etc, colors, then you can purchase the hair extensions that can match with the shades that you have decided to go with. Such colorful hair extensions are also available for all styles such as curls, crimp, straight, perm hairs, and so on.
  • With proper shade and size of the hair extensions, you can easily change your hairstyle from short hairs to long and beautiful style. Instead of hiding you thin hairs under the hats or other such head accessories, you can let you hair free and flaunt your beautiful extensions in the party.

How to Attach Weaves

To increase your hair quantity, hair extensions can be your best option. However, you can expect excellent results only if you follow correct procedure of attaching them onto your hair. Here are some of the procedures that will offer expected results.

  • Cold or warm fusion is one such procedure that are used for bonding the hair weaves with your hair follicles.
  • Some procedures will include the usage of bonding, coiling, clip-on, etc, or other such techniques.
  • You can make use of the chemical glues or other such bonding supplements that are exclusively designed for attaching hair extension.

The procedure used for attaching hair follicles vary based on the type of hair extensions that you have opted. Cheap human hair weave is available in both the chemical made and natural hair extension types. However, experts always suggest going with natural made extensions since they offer organic and original look to the hair.