When you envision your honeymoon, we know that you are dreaming of a trip filled with luxury, relaxation, and adventure all at once. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so it should be everything you imagine and more! However, the price of this much-anticipated trip can quickly become astronomical. Lucky for you, we are here with some insider tips and tricks to help you plan your dream honeymoon without breaking the bank!

Ways to Save for your Honeymoon by Planning Ahead

Hacks Planning The Honeymoon Of Your Dreams On A Budget

Book in advance – one way to ensure that you don’t miss out on the best possible prices wherever you decide to book your trip is to make your reservations in advanced. Cruises typically announce their itineraries 10 to 14 months in advance, and hotels most usually take reservations up to a year out. Getting this squared away can result in serious savings up of to 55% – which is certainly something to rave about!

Save money on the bling – one simple and effective way to have more money to put towards a honeymoon is to spend less money on an engagement ring. This is a big expense at any price point, but saving money on this purchase without sacrificing quality and style is, in fact, possible. Ensuring you are shopping around to get the best bang-for-your-buck can save you some serious cash that can be put to good use for the trip of a lifetime!

Consider a special registry – as you’re going through your wedding planning process and thinking about covering the costs associated with your honeymoon, you may want to designate part of your registry towards a “honeyfund”. This is a way for wedding guests to gift you and your spouse funds towards your honeymoon – whether they go towards your lodging, special dinners on the trip, or even specific excursions. You can register for your “wishlist” in advanced using many services so that guests will know exactly what to gift you! Talk about convenient for everyone involved.

Crafty Ways to Cut Honeymoon Costs

Call your hotel – calling your hotel directly and talking to someone from the concierge or front desk can potentially get you some special discounts. This is because the front desk is more likely to be in the know on special promotions than those reached at travel agents or the typical 1-800 numbers. Additionally, it’s a great opportunity to ensure that the hotel marks on your reservation that you are going to be honeymooners during your visit, ensuring they will give you special upgrades and treats during your stay.

Hacks Planning The Honeymoon Of Your Dreams On A Budget

Opt for cheaper lodging options – even though it may be tempting to stay in the most high-end hotel offered at your destination, it is not the most cost-efficient way to plan your trip. Staying at a more economical hotel and opting for a room that is garden facing (rather than one with an ocean view) can save you quite a bit of money that can be put towards other parts of the trip like excursions, meals, or can even be used to extend the trip in general!

Avoid renting a car – even if you still have to rent a car for part of your trip, avoiding it for part of the vacation can save you some dough. Instead, take advantage of services such as Uber or Lyft, go on long romantic walks, or use public transportation. Many hotels offer complimentary transportation to popular spots around the area, too, so that’s a good alternative to a car rental as well that allows you to stretch your pennies.

Make some of your own meals – to stay within your budget on your honeymoon, plan not to eat out for every single meal. After all, those restaurant visits start to add up quickly! Instead of eating out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day, do fun things to substitute restaurant visits like having a romantic picnic or making a meal together if your lodging situation allows for it. You can also pack light snacks and breakfast items (like granola and protein bars and cereal) or go to a cafe rather than a full service restaurant to cut costs on at least one meal each day.

The cost of a honeymoon can certainly be intimidating during the planning process, but you can be cost conscious using these budget friendly tips and tricks. Happy planning – and saving!