This day and age, B2B has evolved to a fluid cycle with overlapping touchpoints. It’s no longer a funnel, and B2B services and digital products are a lot more complex than they used to be. A post on Business2Community explains that in order to realize marketing goals, companies must “create multi-channel marketing campaigns that connects with leads all the time”. Organizations like Sherwood Integrated Solutions have also brought corporate bartering opportunities to the world of internet marketing.

Consider it’s such a vast, complex industry, it may be hard to figure out which steps to take. If you are involved in B2B marketing in any way, here are some tips to help you find your way to success:

Don’t underestimate the importance of your website – While you undoubtedly understand the importance of having one, you might not realize how utterly vital it is to your overall B2B strategy. Since you are trying to market to other businesses and not just regular customers, you must place even more of an emphasis on usability. How will you users be able to accomplish advanced tasks and research specialized products through a standard website? It helps to do research so that you’ll know exactly what your audience will need help achieving.

Make sure you are networking on LinkedIn properly – LinkedIn is the “go-to”  social media platform for B2B companies and entrepreneurs hoping to reach a specific audience. Customize the default connection request message that the site puts in into something more personal. Define your sales strategy and have a clear understanding of your goals. Always keep them in mind when posting, making connections and updating. Get your employees involved as well. Try to coordinate your efforts as a team. You’ll also want to make use of LinkedIn sharing buttons on your blog and website.

Create some good, informative explainer videos – Video is among the top three most useful types of content for B2B buyers. If you’re not making them, you need to start. In addition to “how-to” videos, you can also use video marketing as a way to tell the story of your company. The more transparent you are, the easier it will be for other businesses to trust you. End each video with a strong call to action.

Focus on interactive content – This can be a great B2B marketing strategy for engaging leads at any stage. Traditional content formats can get old after awhile. Enabling interaction leads to a higher level of buyer engagement, which gives B2B marketers a deeper insight on how to move forward. Examples of interactive content you may want to consider include quizzes, surveys, assessments, polls, etc.

Become a problem solver and prove your worth – One of the problems with being involved in the business-to-business industry is that many of your potential customers are also your potential competitors. How can you be the one to stand out from the rest? Why should they bother working with you? You have to think outside the box and come up with a solution that hasn’t been thought of before. Create videos and blog posts to spark some intrigue or concern. Raise questions nobody else in the industry has thought to ask before. Use calculators and benchmarking tools to show how exactly a particular problem applies to your potential customers and how your new, innovative solution can help solve it.

With the way technology is advancing, who can say how the B2B industry will evolve over the next several years. It could turn into an even more complex system than it is now, so it’s best to stay on top of the latest strategies. You can always look into corporate trading and integrated media opportunities as well, starting with