Did you know walking is one of the simplest and most effective forms of workout? You can get started almost anywhere you are, just put one foot in front of the other and there you are. Walking has numerous effects on healthy living both mentally and physically which range from obvious toning to weight loss, encouraging the importance of well-being and healthy look. In fact, walking has become number one fashion trend worldwide. There are numerous reasons to walk, and walking is no longer taken just as a means of moving from one point to another but a way of improving your overall health benefit. Below are some of benefits of walking and the reasons why we call it a perfect workout:

1. Walking helps you lose excess weight

If you want to shed serious weight and tone up muscles, then start walking. Walking at 2mph continuously for more than half an hour helps you lose more than 75 calories. In fact, doctors recommend that fast-paced walking combined with healthy eating is hugely effective for weight loss. That daily short routine walk will help you shed those extra ponds in a very short time. It will also help tone your abdominal, leg and arm muscles resulting in an increased range of motion, moving the pressure and weight from the joint and muscles and thus lessening arthritis pain.

2. Walking improves blood circulation

Like most other forms of workouts, walking improves your blood circulation and prevents heart diseases. Experts say a brisk half an hour daily walk helps to control and prevent high blood pressure that results in stroke, brings up the heart rate and strengthens the heat. Regular daily walking is a great cardio exercise which helps lower the levels of LDL, which is cholesterol and increases the level of HDL, which is good cholesterol in your body.

3. Walking leads to a longer life

Experts say daily brisk walking puts you on the path to a longer and healthier life. Regular exercises including walking can reduce aging and prolong the average lifespan of your life. In fact, the studies suggest that regular walk and exercise may be able to retard the process of ageing. So you may never avoid getting old, but you can deliberately delay the time you become old thus making you look younger than your age.

4. Walking brings happiness

Daily brisk walking makes you happy and boosts your attitude. Research shows that walking is as effective as antidepressant in moderate and mild depression cases. Walking releases feel-good endorphins reduce anxiety and stress. So if you want to maintain a confident mental health, then walking should be part of your daily routine. Happiness comes when you are healthy and can do anything that you like doing.

5. Walking gives you energy

If you are feeling tired or fatigue, a walk will help you boost energy and fight fatigue than a nap. Walking boost blood circulation and increases oxygen supply to all parts and every cell in your body. This helps you feel more alert and alive. Therefore, rather than reaching out for that expensive energy drink or bar to get you through the day, follow the fashion trend and take a brisk walk. This way you will achieve more than just energy and at no cost.

6. Walking boosts vitamin D

Researchers suggest that vigorous exercise like jogging, running, brisk walking and playing basketball or soccer helps boost Vitamin D in the body. Deficiency of these Vitamins in our body can increase chances for osteoporosis; a condition caused by low calcium intake and bone mass. It also affects our immune system and bone health. Whereas walking is a perfect way to enjoy your outdoor, it helps you in getting your vitamin D fixed.

7. Walking minimizes the risk of diseases

A daily walking routine significantly reduces the risk of the type 2 diabetes and you are less likely to be affected by the cancer of the womb, breast or colon with such routine workout as walking. A regular walk is also good for spin discs, which gets vitamins and minerals through pumping action that walking causes.


What is there not to like about walking? It is free, cheap and easy on your joints. There is no question that walking is good for your health. Walking has in fact become a fashion trend for those who want to look fit and healthy. Walking to and from work is a great way to improve your health and we recommend that you walk when possible.