According to Web Technology Surveys, an estimated 3.4% of all websites are powered by Joomla. While not as popular as WordPress, it’s still used by a lot of people, from bloggers to businesses.

With each new version of Joomla, there are plenty of cool features available. The more you learn about coding and development from programs like the Austin Coding Academy, the more fun you get to have with Joomla extensions!

If you’re just looking for some useful extensions for your blog or site for the time being, here is an overview of some of the popular ones and their uses:

Akeeba Backup  (For security and backup) – This neat function has nearly 1,000 reviews. It’s essential that you have some sort of emergency backup in the event that your site is hacked or experiences loss of data. The extension creates a backup of your site that can be restored on any Joomla-capable server. If it’s the same server, integrated restoration is possible.

JSN-PowerAdmin (admin) – . It allows you to manipulate elements with the use of an intuitive GUI, which features a simplified drag and drop process. All content – including modules and menus – can be controlled in a single place. You can create new menu items or edit current ones.

ActiveHelper LiveHelp (communication) – Live chat is the best way engage with users and consumers in real-time. The great thing about this particular system is that it runs on your own hosting, so you have full control. You can expect easy installation and fast deployment. ActiveHelper LiveHelp takes no longer than five minutes to set up. Support for several different languages is supported.

JSiteMap (site analytics and indexing) – Having a sitemap generator is a must – especially if you have numerous pages of content. With a clear structure and navigation, visitors will have an easy time finding whatever it is they’re looking for. There are unique features that allow you to generate every type of sitemap: mobile XML, responsive HTML, standard XML, and so forth. It also comes with an easy-to-use control panel for SEO.
OS Responsive Image Gallery (image management and display) – This nice FREE extension is simple to use, SEO ready and responsive. It even comes with a nice watermark feature that allows you to mark your images with designated text or a symbol. There are three layouts to choose from. The images look good on any device or PC screen.

Breezing Forms Pro (contact and feedback) – This extension is ideal if you have an online store. It has over 800 reviews, most of which are positive. Whether you need to create a simple form or a complex, multiple-page survey, just about anything is possible.

AutoTweet NG (social media) – The top FREE social web extension on Joomla, AutoTweet does more than just.. Tweet. It can also be used for automated Facebook and LinkedIn post publishing. In short, it has a set of features to simplify social media management via auto-posting.

If you ever want to learn how to create blogging/web extensions and plugins, is the best place to start.