We live in an age where people are becoming more aware of the need to improve and maintain their health. In addition, there are many tools at our disposal, allowing us to sample and measure everything from the ph of our saliva to the quality of our sperm.

But, the more we examine the status of our health, the more we are left to ask what aspects of health matter the most? Which factors improve and help to maintain our health, ensuring that we live longer than the rest of the general population? What if anything, in the age old search for the fountain of youth, is the secret to an enduring vibrant lifespan?

3 Keys To Excellent Health

Avoiding Heart Disease

Heart disease is still the number one cause of death in the United States. At its current rate of increase, this disease will soon become the number one killer in the world. And one of the major reasons it still lingers as such a major threat is because most medical advice on the subject of heart disease is either bad advice, or simply outdated. Strangely enough, as doctors insisted that their patients move off of animal based saturated fats and on to vegetable based polyunsaturated fats over the last few decades, instead of seeing heart disease and related conditions like obesity diminish, the opposite occurred. This phenomenon has caused many medical professionals to question and reject the idea that saturated fat was the villin it was made out to be–especially in light of the fact that people around the turn of the century ate far more saturated fats on average than people eat today, back when heart disease was not the epidemic it has become. By dumping the polyunsaturated fats and returning to healthy saturated fats, many people are finding that they are not only healthier, they are also less hungry and getting skinnier as a result of giving their body the saturated fats it needs to help keep heart disease and other related health problems at bay.

The Probiotic Revolution

Another amazing heart healthy practice is found in those who supplement with probiotics. Aside from the fact that probiotics help to regulate cholesterol, probiotics play a number of other important roles in improving and maintaining our overall health.

Probiotics help to break down proteins that cause harmful allergic reactions into harmless amino acids, they help to strengthen the intestinal wall, and they also aid in enhancing both our mood and our immune response. Without probiotics, our health would be in truly sad shape.

Supplementing With Spirulina

Spirulina, also known as blue green algie, has proven itself as an important supplement for modern times. Aside from being one of the most efficient sources of protein on the planet, spirulina has been shown to revitalize the body by providing it with critical minerals and other key nutrients. In essence, it is a super food that works hard in the human body to reverse nutrient deficiencies and increase metabolism. Though there are numerous things a person can do to improve their health, often the best measures we can take are simply found through figuring out how to improve aspects of our diet as in the three keys that lead to excellent health mentioned above.