Spring is just around the corner! This calls for opening up the house and participating in some spring cleaning. Many people take advantage of their spring and Easter vacations to give their houses a small make-over whether it’s tidying up their houses or undergoing a re-design.  Many of us take advantage of a self storage unit to get some of the unwanted items out of the way. Spring gives us all an opportunity to start fresh in the warmer weather.

Holiday Décor

We all are guilty of letting our holiday decorations sit out longer than desired. We just boxed up our Valentine’s and St. Patricks decorations but find that there just isn’t enough storage for all the holidays’. Keeping holiday decorations in a storage unit can allow for an organized, accessible area. Labeling moving boxes by holiday’s can make decorating for all the holidays more enjoyable.

Winter Clothes

Winter came and went as did the need for snow pants and gloves. Winter clothes can be a nuisance to pack. A few articles of clothing can fill a box before you know it. Staying organized will be key when it comes time to bundle up again because we have all been in the unfortunate position of only being able to find one of our winter gloves.

Another way to ensure that you won’t be buried in winter clothes is to do an inventory of what  you have at the end of every season.  Make sure you are packing up articles of clothing that you know you will use again. Donating winter clothes that you won’t be needed next year will lesson your load while you’re helping out others.

Spring Clean Up

Home Décor

Many of us like to give our homes a fresh design as well. Once spring rolls in around us, we want to brighten up our living areas to reflect it. There’s so many great ways to take advantage of new patterns and decorations. Want to give your living room a fresh spring feel? Adding a colorful area rug can brighten a room. Don’t be afraid of adding some patterns and pastels to make the room feel cozy.


Sealing your windows and doors will no longer be an issue! Take advantage of the natural light. Open up your blinds and take down those heavy curtains. A light chiffon curtain can add design while still exposing the natural sun light through doors and windows.

Letting in the natural light will also mean that there is less need for so many lighting fixtures. Don’t be afraid to put a few lamps away and replace them with some fun decorative pieces. A vase of flowers on a table where a lamp once sat can really add a floral aroma while making the room seem fresh. All the extra lamps and curtains can be stored away.

Don’t let the load of winter stress you out. Organizing and taking advantage of a storage space can really help make the transition between seasons bearable.