It probably comes as no surprise that tailored suits and tuxedos are still trending for any wedding. Still, if you want to be a groom who stands out, think about some of the following suggestions as a way to turn a few heads without taking anything away from the bride.

The bride often goes to a great deal of work to ensure she is the most stunning on her special day. Her partner is there to complement her, but that doesn’t mean some extra care cannot be taken to make him look just as her shoes.


Alternative Tux Trends

The groom and groomsmen can go with an alternative to the tux. If your man does not like to wear a penguin suit then consider what you can do to make him more comfortable. For example, a double breasted jacket on some men is absolutely outstanding. The groomsmen can be in a three button version of the same coat while the soon to be spouse is in a one button design. A white dinner jacket with groomsmen in black tuxes can look astonishing too. You could trade out this suggestion so the groomsmen are in white instead.

The Boutonniere for Accents

The mini corsage as some refer to the boutonniere is another way the groom can truly stand out. It is perhaps one of the easiest ways too. The groom should always have their own flower creation over that of the best man and his entourage. Choosing a fragrant flower can be your best choice. Consider an open lily over a rose. Also think about using herbs instead. Herbs like oregano, mint, or rosemary combined with other flowers can definitely add to your mini corsage. Three blossoms in the mini corsage is another choice you have for more colour, as well as more eyes towards you as you wait for the bride.


The Perfect Tie

A tie really should be a part of the dress code for the groom, but it is understandable that a tie could be out of the picture. Ties can be restrictive, especially for a long wedding. There are some new ways you can wear a tie or look as if you are. Some of the shirts you purchase have accents on the collars. For example a white shirt with the colour tips in black or purple can look amazing on some men. Your groom might like this over wearing an actual tie.

Other shirts will have two strips down the side of the buttons making it seem like they are wearing a tie that has yet to be knotted. If you are more of a traditionalist then at least let some fun happen and go with colourful ties. If you are not having a black or white tie affair there is nothing wrong with a more characteristic tie.

These are just a few of the suggestions for current trends on behalf of the groom’s party. Let your creativity abound while keeping a really sophisticated look to the occasion – think about all those fabulous wedding photos.