Spending time in the outdoors with your family may be a favorite way to spend your time. In fact, your entire family may love camping, hiking and enjoying many other outdoor activities together. Because of this, you may be ready to surprise your entire family with a big gift that will take your time together outdoors to a new level. These are a few thoughtful gift ideas that may impact your family’s future outdoor plans in a big way.

A Camper Trailer

If you and your family have been roughing it with tent camping for years, you may be ready to take things up a notch by investing in a camper trailer. Camper trailers are available in a wide range of sizes and are loaded with modest to substantial amenities. This gives you the ability to control the cost of your purchase as well as the type of camping experience that you enjoy. When you own a camper trailer, you and your family may feel more comfortable on your trips regardless of weather conditions.


If your time outdoors is largely spent near the water, buying a watercraft for your family to share may be an excellent idea. This may be something as small as a canoe or a few kayaks. It may be a fishing boat, a ski boat, jet skis or something similar. Consider how you and your family current enjoy spending time on the water and what they may enjoy doing on the water if you had the proper equipment to do so.

A Vacation Cabin

Another major gift idea that can have an amazing impact on your family time together in the future is a vacation cabin. With a vacation cabin located in an excellent area, your family will have a comfortable, dedicated area to stay each time you head out for a trip. The cabin may be loaded with all of your outdoor gear and toys, such as an ATV, mountain bikes, fishing poles and more. This can ensure that you have access to everything that you need for good times outdoors with each trip that you take.

Before you decide which major gift to surprise your family with, think about the types of trips that your family enjoys and about the plans for future adventures that you have discussed together. In addition, consider your budget, and carefully research the possibilities. By doing so, you can make an amazing decision that your family may enjoy for many years.