Today we will tell about the new Pixel-backgrounds from search giant Google. The reason for this was an interview with Vice President Rick Osterloh, which he gave to one of the foreign publications, where in addition to the giant’s development strategy has been affected and the theme of the new generation of smartphones.

Top-manager of Google said that Pixel is a premium device and will remain so, therefore, to wait for the budget or the simplified version of the top-end solutions is not necessary. Google reserves the right of other companies to compete with each other in a niche available solutions. Recall that earlier rumors spoke in favor of Pixel 2B output, which should be the simplest version in the line of brand products. In addition, Rick Osterloh assured that the arrival of a successor can be expected this year- Google Pixel 2, but the exact date he has not voiced.

Apparently, Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 debut a year after the first generation release in October this year. It is worth paying attention to the words of one of the heads of the companies that Pixel-smart phones are not a one-off experiment. The company will continue to develop its own line of smartphones, implementing them in a variety of innovative solutions and bringing them to the creation of the largest manufacturer of smartphones. But the partner’s name was not made public. There are rumors, few says it could be LG or HTC again.

Since the release of ‘pixels’ took 8 months. In particular, a large number of readers disagreed with the following objective disadvantages of new Google Pixel smartphones:

  • Outdated, vague design.
  • Inability to compete with the iPhone and Samsung flagships.
  • Transition to a premium niche exclusively without providing an alternative to dedicated users Nexus.
  • The absence of significant improvements in the new version of Android.
  • Participation in the senseless race performance, which has long been higher than the actual needs of users.
  • Controversial quality camera.

Apart from the obvious disadvantages at the start of sales at Google Pixel serious hardware and software problems encountered by users of a certain part were observed.

Google Pixel 2: Release Date in 2017

Google hardware Chief Rick Osterloh confirmed Pixel 2 will be released this year and will continue to belong to the premium segment.

In a meeting with the press Osterloh made the following statements:

There is an annual pace in the industry. Therefore, they can count on us to follow it.

You can count on a successor for this year, even though at this moment I will not give any dates.

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