We all face the issue each summer of how best to keep our HVAC systems running correctly and at maximum efficiency to keep ourselves comfortable and utility bills as low as possible. Along with employing a professional HVAC aircondition service and maintenance company there are a few steps that can be taken to ensure the system continues running in the best possible way.

1. Clean Your HVAC Unit

This is a slightly time consuming task that can be completed in a single that when the temperature is above 60F and the HVAC unit can be turned off for between half a day and a full day. After turning off the power to the unit the rotor blades at the top of the unit should be lifted off their standings and all debris removed from the interior of the unit before the fins covering the body of the unit are cleaned using a hosepipe.

2. Change The Filters

A blower filter can have a major impact on the running of an HVAC unit and any high quality aircondition service will always increase the level of airflow moving around a property and lower the utility bills for any property with clean filters. Air conditioning filters should be changed at least twice per year as the flow of dust and pollen moving through an air conditioning system is running correctly and smoothly; any buildup of materials blocking the filter can reduce the level of air flow in a property and make the unit itself work harder to push air around a property.

3. Cleaning The Coil

The evaporator coil is another aspect of the air conditioning unit that can become dirty and limit how well the air flows through a property and how cool the air becomes on a regular basis. A trip to any home improvement store is a good starting point for this task as there are a number of commercially produced evaporator coil cleaners that can be used in the form of a spray can that removes buildup of mold and residue from any evaporator that will reduce the cooling effects of the unit.

4. 3Cleaning The Evaporator Drain

The evaporator drain can become blocked over time in any HVAC system, which occurs when the drain from the evaporator coil becomes blocked with a residue passing through the system that can become blocked over time with mold and particles; a wet/dry vacuum can be used to drain the blocked pipe and avoid the problem of an overflow taking place in the drain pan.

5. Make Sure The HVAC Unit Is Free From Debris

The positioning of an HVAC unit can make all the difference in making sure the entire system runs correctly, positioning a unit in full sun can cause issues; however, plants growing around a unit can cause problems that can be avoided by clearing any blockage or plant growth around the unit. Over time an HVAC unit can shift on its mount and not remain level, which can reduce efficiency requiring a regular check of the level of the unit and ensure with a water or laser level that any HVAC unit is positioned correctly.