Any self-professed social media addict knows that if something isn’t online, it doesn’t exist. Social media platforms and the world wide web are the go-to places for absolutely everything you want to know. So, if you want to know how to go green, ask your mobile device.

With a little help from your tablet or your mobile phone, you can discover a myriad of ways to go green. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Take a Pledge

A great way to become more environmentally responsible is to make a commitment to change via an online pledge. Thankfully, there are oodles of options online to encourage your new green lifestyle including the Earth Day Network’s Go Meatless Mondays, Stop Using Disposable Plastic, and End Junk Male pledges.

Make a Smaller Footprint

Is your carbon footprint Shaquille O’Neal-huge or Mini Mouse-small? Thanks to a myriad of online carbon footprint calculators, you can find out how green you are and identify ways to decrease your negative impact on the environment. If you’d like to learn how large your carbon footprint is, you may want to check out, Terrapass, or Footprint.

Write Green

If you would like to lend your prose prowess to the green cause, you may wish to start an environmental blog. Whether you opt to share valuable scientific information, motivate others to make a change, or share personal green success stories, you can use your social media platforms, blog, or guest blog posts to spread the message. If this is your passion, you will want to check out the Green Wiki, Seametric’s “Top 50 Green Living Blogs,” or “7 Must-Read Green Fashion Blogs.”

Shop Green

In a society of mass consumerism, it can be difficult to make green purchasing choices. There are, however, online tools to help you make buying decisions that support a reduced carbon footprint. The next time you are considering a purchase, you may want to check out Consumer Reports‘ “Greener Choices,” The Green Guide, or the EPA’s Greener Products site.

Become a Green Learner

One of the best ways to combat environmental degradation is to arm yourself with knowledge. Whether you are longing to make your career a little greener, teach your children about conservation, or simply discern environmental fact from fiction, taking a course can help you make a bigger contribution to the green movement. If this interests you, check out “3 PDH Online Courses that Support Green Building,” Going Green Courses at Columbus State University, or Green Wedding Professional Certification.

Donate to Green

If you believe in putting your money where your mouth is, you may wish to donate to green causes. Whether you give to your favorite wildlife conservation organization, support environmental activists, or give funds to another favorite green charity, using social media to spread the word and raise more donations is a beneficial step towards making the world a greener place.

Looking for a charity to support? Some examples are Save the Manatee, the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, or Friends of the Earth.

Tweet, Post, Pin, Plus, and YouTube Green

Now that you’ve taken a pledge, reduced your carbon footprint, written a blog, made a green purchase, learned green facts, or made a financial donation, it is time to spread the word and inspire others to do the same. And the best way to reach a huge audience in a short period of time is to make use of your social media platforms. Challenge your friends to take action, teach them what you have learned, and show how just one person can make a huge difference.

Yes, the internet and social media are the perfect place to learn about green opportunities, network with people who are environmentally-savvy, and share your story. Armed with your mobile device you can become a lean, mean, make-the-earth-green machine.

What steps have you taken to go green? Have you shared your story with others? Why or why not?