Whether you are getting your first gun for security or recreational uses, like hunting, you should understand the basics of using it. The firearm commandments apply both within and out of shooting range. As a gun owner, you will now be responsible for any outcomes that occur from using your gun. Knowing how to use a gun well keeps you and others around you safe. It is recommended to learn as much as you can before even purchasing your gun. Remember the following four rules for basic and crucial safety.

Assume the gun is loaded

This is one of the simplest but among the essential gun safety rules. Whenever you are handling a firearm, assume it is loaded, even when you are sure that it is unloaded. Start by opening the action and checking the chamber, receiver, and magazine to check if the gun has any ammunition inside it. Even while doing this, assume the gun is loaded and don’t point it anywhere you would not want to shoot. Never assume that it is unloaded. You should load a firearm only when you are on the target range or within a shooting area. When handling a gun, it will always be better to take more safety precautions than you may think are necessary. Assuming the gun is always loaded will be crucial for this.

Mark your target and know what is beyond it

There is no way to call a shot back. You should be sure of the target before you have given up all control over where the bullet is headed. You never want to have regrets after shooting your gun. Never shoot unless you are sure that the bullet will not harm anyone or anything past your target. Otherwise, you will be disregarding the safety of others, which is against the gun commandments. When you are shooting a gun, it will always be your responsibility with what you do with it.

Point the muzzle towards a safe direction

If every gun holder handled the gun well, such that the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, you would rarely hear of gun accidents. It is possible for bullets to take an unexpected path or for a ricochet to occur. Never point your Freedom Ordnance FX-9 Carbine FX9 towards a direction you do not intend to shoot. The rule applies mainly to when one is loading or unloading a firearm. One basic and crucial tip to always keep in mind as well is to especially never point your gun in the direction of someone else, even when you know it is not loaded.

Keep your fingers off the trigger unless when you want to shoot

A responsible gun holder will not touch the trigger unless when they are ready to shoot. You never know when an accident may occur or if something will startle you and make your finger slip. Never rely on the “safety” to protect you either. Remember that “safety” is a mechanical gadget that can slip or fail at the least expected moment. All the same, make use of the “safety” by putting it on when you are not using the gun, even when you know the gun is not loaded.

Everybody who comes into contact with a gun should understand and practice these four firearm safety commandments. When you are careful on how you handle the gun, you will be doing yourself and other users a great favor. You can also look out for more gun rules to practice. When you are buying your first gun, before you even get to the shooting range, you will need to understand every basic and more detailed safety tip for handling firearms. Keeping up with regular gun training and safety classes may also be beneficial and help you prove you are a responsible gun owner.  Always step up and take ownership when you are dealing with firearms.